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March Madness

I know I said this is a place to distribute information but I am going to digress and give a little opinion editorial on last night’s budget meeting.

Ms. Cornish gave a very detailed, documented presentation of the proposed budget for school year 2009-2010. She took the information of the past five years and found that the average percentage increase is a little over 4.5%. This year the proposed budget is a mere 2.65%. She went on to say how the money has been spent in years past and where the money will be going this year, as well as where significant cuts have been made through the reduction of staff, expenditures and transportation costs. She made great effort through the use of charts to show the results of the money given to the Board of Education. She stated that because of the money infused into the school system, our districts CMT scores have gone up, removing the stigma of the dreaded label“In need of improvement”. This is all well and good. She received applause when the grap…

Petition to Remove Carpeting

Today I began the process of collecting signatures from parents/guardians/concerned citizens to show support for funding the Capital Improvement Plan.

At dismissal 23 signatures were collected. I received a few comments about concern of mold and allergens in the carpets. I relayed my conversation with the BOE and my request to the Heath Department for testing but that as of now, no IAQ testing is scheduled. Several other parents commented about children vomiting on the carpeting and asked how frequently the rugs are professionally steam cleaned. I intend to ask Mr. Tony that question. I will post the answer here!

Budget Meeting

There is a very important budget meeting
THURSDAY, MARCH 19th at 7pm at Stratford High School.
Our Board of Ed is asking for a minimal budget increase of 2.5%. Show your support for our children by attending this meeting.

If your child has experienced anything positive that has been funded by the BOE, such as a tutor, or a mentor, laptop education, Spanish instruction, school sports, new white boards in every classroom, instruction on SmartBoards, technology education and more, please send a short email to Ms. Cornish, our Superintendent at

The more parents that attend this meeting, the more able we are to show our support for our children's education!

An Update

As many Wilcoxson parents know, I have been researching maintenance issues in our school and wondering how they affect the indoor air quality (IAQ) within our school. I have been asked many times to recount my meetings and findings and thought the best way was to keep a blog.
The purpose of this is solely informational and based on my opinions only. It is meant to update on my findings and does not reflect the views and opinions of others.

To bring you all up to date…….my latest concern began in February 2009 when a third grade classroom experienced a leak which led to ceiling tile falling, wet carpeting and a strong odor. Apparently the roof leaked into the upper floor causing the damage. The ceiling tiles were replaced and the carpet was cleaned. The following week, maintenance crews were in school replacing ceiling tiles in the boys downstairs bathroom during school hours. I questioned both times if air quality testing was being performed in the school. Because I was not able…