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My Teachable Moment

I have not checked the wait lists, but the absence of a phone call to congratulate Grace and Lilah on acceptance to Six to Six Magnet is a sure sign we did not get picked in the lottery. I have also learned that a high placement on the waiting list is not a reassurance either since I have it on good authority that #1 on the waiting list does not mean you will get in come September. Families that are accepted, stay accepted.

Because only 6 Stratford students are accepted per grade level and I had no idea how many were already in grades 1 and 3, I looked at Catholic Schools as well. I found one I liked and thought would be a great fit for the girls. The catch is that in order to afford tuition without a change in our lifestyle, I need to go back to work at least part time. I began to search for a job.

Back to my title of this blog – teachable moments. A teachable moment is a moment of opportunity, a chance to take a situation or event and learn something from it, or teach somethin…

What to do?

April 20, 2009

I have not been very active with my pledge to take on the Town Council. Honestly, I lost some of the drive to do it. After my intense budget review feelings subsided, I was hit with the month-long test taking nightmare that is otherwise known as the CMTs. That experience literally left me lethargic. I again questioned my faith in public education. Despite being an educator, I did lengthy research on home-schooling when my children were younger. I know that someday I will look back and will have regrets that I did not educate of my children. I know that the “primary teachers” of children are parents, but I also know that the influences and experiences they have when they leave my home are out of my control. Yet, I am the one that must do damage-control. Because of my faith based conservative views, I have pulled my children out of the Good Touch Bad Touch program. I have pulled them from dental screenings. I have pulled them from field trips and I have openly questioned v…