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The word no parent ever wants to hear

What do you say when there are no words to express your feelings? How do you comfort a friend who has just heard the most dreaded words a parent can hear? How do you explain to your child what their friend is about to experience? These are all the questions I am asking myself today. Today I found out that one of my daughter’s best friends has lymphoma. My daughter is not one to express herself eloquently. In fact, she tends to hold her emotions inside and saves them for a time when she is better able to process them. Unfortunately I have no idea how long it will take. Sometimes it is hours, sometimes weeks. Her sister L will be her guide through this. L realizes the impact this will have on their family and on her sister’s friendship. L is helping her to make a card and write the words that G cannot find. L will take her sister’s book list to the store tomorrow and find amazing stories to give to her friend who devours books like my kids devour ice cream. L encouraged her …

Class Photo

Today L found her class photo from earlier this year. I was not “hiding” it, but I put it away hoping it would not stir up feelings for school. She carefully placed the photo into her School Days Memory Book that holds the class photos for previous years. She taped it in, wrote in the margins and then presented it to me. For teacher, she wrote “Mom”. For friends, she did not list the children in the photo, she listed her homeschooled friends. She asked me why we have the book. I told her so she could remember her time at school. To this she replied, “Ugh, why would I want to!”. She asked me if she can have a picture of her and I to go in the next year’s space. Well....I guess I don’t have to worry.

Beethoven Day

L enjoyed reading Ludwig Van Beethoven: Getting to Know The World's Greatest Composers. We put his information into our Book of Centuries. I love our book! Now that we have several entries including Abraham, Sargon, as well as Mozart, and a relative who immigrated from Poland, we can see history coming alive before us. We know that our relative lived at the same time as Beethoven, something we never would have realized had we not been keeping this book. We noticed that the anniversary of Beethoven's death is today, March 26th. L decided to proclaim today "Beethoven Day"! To mark this occasion we listened to a fabulous story on our ipod: Beethoven Lives Upstairs. We downloaded ours on itunes. Then we made cookies, well, L made the cookies, I was her assistant.

L wants to study Joseph Haydn next as he was one of Beethoven's instructors. Learning is sweet! Both litera…

Mondrian Moment

The coolest part of this art lesson was when we put the picture and dates of Piet Mondrian into our book of centuries, we discovered that he lived at the same time as one of our ancestors; a war hero L did a report on!

Pros and some Cons

There are not many blogs I have found that focus on what the first year of homeschooling is like. When I began researching my choice to homeschool, I found a Examiner blogger in who was in her first year of being a homeschool family. Like me, she has two daughters, my girls’ ages. From what she wrote, their personalities were similar and her reasons for removing them from public school were similar. I thought I found a beacon on light to guide me on this journey. Her latest post was that she is “quitting” homeschooling and returning her daughters to public school. Her reasons were self-described as selfish. She has too many things to get done that she cannot do while her daughters are home. I don’t judge her decision. But it lead me to think what are the real cons to homeschooling? To me, there are not many, and they are manageable but they should be addressed.
ProsConsthe ability to spend time with your child exploring what interests them as well as the basicshouse is clutt…

Full Brain

Today was jam packed with learning. Some of it happened using textbooks.
She explored patterns in math, reviewed her spelling words through a crossword puzzle, and wrote a summary of an excerpt from Ginger Pye. We read from our history book and she cried during the ancient fairytale of Gilgamesh. She hoped that Gilgamesh met his old friend Enkido meet again in whatever kind of heaven they believed in. I listened to L read to me from her book while we snuggled on the couch with our dogs.

She began to learn how to type using a free online program.

She learned what an action verb is and listed 57 verbs on our web.

We did a lesson about abstract art and two artists Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollack.She titled her painting Peace Maker.
She learned a new poem, Keep A Poem in Your Pocket by Beatrice Shneck de Regniers.
She spent time creating a picture book about Water, to summarize her study of water. When G came home, they set up a store in our living room and pretended to sell Wii…

In her own words

A recent journal entry from L:
I love being homeschooled. It’s like the best thing that ever happened to me! I think every body should be homeschooled including my sister G. It is very hard to get to where I want to go when G is in school. But I still get to do alot of cool things. I’ve made alot of new friends. In the spring I get to do my lessons outside! Every Friday we bake a different dessert! My sister and my dad love testing my treats. My favorite subject is probably Art or Grammar. Another one of my lessons is practicing the piano. I love learning new songs on the piano. I also get alot of free time, more than you would get in school. Any you can have snack almost any time you want and in school you would get one or even zero snacks. I think school is much worse than being homeschooled. When I was in school I thought not alot of people were homeschooled but I was wrong! When you first get started, you will have some bad days where you will not want to do anyth…