Monday, March 15, 2010

Full Brain

Today was jam packed with learning. Some of

it happened using textbooks.

She explored patterns in math, reviewed her spelling words through a crossword puzzle, and wrote a summary of an excerpt from Ginger Pye. We read from our history book and she cried during the ancient fairytale of Gilgamesh. She hoped that Gilgamesh met his old friend Enkido meet again in whatever kind of heaven they believed in. I listened to L read to me from her book while we snuggled on the couch with our dogs.

She began to learn how to type using a

free online program.

She learned what an action verb is and listed 57 verbs on our web.

We did a lesson about abstract art and two artists Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollack.

She titled her painting Peace Maker.

She learned a new poem, Keep A Poem in Your Pocket by Beatrice Shneck de Regniers.

She spent time creating a picture book about Water, to summarize her study of water.

When G came home, they set up a store in our living room and pretended to sell Wii games.

Then it was off to piano lessons. Whew. Her brain must be full.

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