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Nature Class

Ok - so I learned from my last post you can't copy and paste pictures! Speaking of pictures, L decided to bring her camera to her nature class this week to capture the shelter she helped construct.
She said they found evidence of visitors from the deer fur found tangled up in the branches. I love that she comes home from this class covered in dirt, charcoal, stray twigs and pieces of old crumbled leaves stuck in her ponytail, smelling of earth and citronella, filled up with stories of her day, tales of nature and of the joy of making new friendships.

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our 13th anniversary. Thirteen years sure passed by quick. So many things have changed and so many things have remained the same. We are in the same house we bought ten years ago. People teased us saying it was too small. At the height of the market we were tempted to sell and move to a town with “better schools, better parks, better taxes” but realized the grass is not always greener and we stayed. We are still driving our same old Explorer, approaching 200,000 miles and still going. We have moved past the newly-wed stage, past the sleepless night of infancy stage, past the pull your hair out toddler stage and somehow arrived at the stage we are in.....happily parenting two young daughters. I am enjoying this stage.

I am thankful that my husband of 13 years has always supported my every whim and choice. From changing careers, volunteering at the shelter, crazy decorating schemes (my entire playroom was a jungle mural), my car choices, my parenting choices, most …

The "Conference"

A note came home formally addressed to the parents of GWS notifying us that a “conference” is being held next week for the girls in fourth and fifth grade and their parents to discuss menstration. “It’s a change thing”, produced by Proctor & Gamble is to be shown followed by a discussion. We were also advised that our daughters "will benefit" from the dvd and discussion if basic information on the topic was given at home prior to the viewing. Ugh.... Apart from the blatant consumerism of this, (Proctor & Gamble are the makers of Always and Tampax) I have always felt that some matters are best left to families. For example, after an incident of inappropriate touching in one of the elementary schools, the Board of Education brought in a new curriculum called Good Touch Bad Touch. I researched it, read it online and decided no way would my five year old participate in a school program that discusses sex…

No Safety Net

As I was looking through a new immersion science curriculum for us, G was intrigued by three levels of Zoology. This type of science program does not cover many topics, but one topic in great detail. They would like to do the sea animals, but I am thinking Biology. Anyway, I digress.....she asked me what she should do about homeschooling next year. I told her it sometimes helps me to make a list of why she would choose homeschooling and why she would choose school. Her homeschooling list included freedom in the afternoons, no standardized testing, different and interesting activities. Her school list had just one item - friends. Our conversation was interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell but I have a feeling she may be ready to try for one year, knowing she has the option to go back if she is not happy with homeschooling. So then,why do I feel the same anxiety that I did debating over L? I know I LOVE homeschooling. I have wan…


Today my girls had an amazing experience at the Audubon with the homeschool crew. It was a blessing that G could participate because she is on April vacation from public school. However, it was a bittersweet gift. She left in tears because she knew she would not be able to see if their carefully laid salamandar habitats turn into viable lodging for some small spotted amphibians, whereas L would. How much decision-making power is too much for a nine year old to handle? I don’t know if she is capable at her age of making this choice. I see her struggling to remain in school, yet benefit from the freedoms and learning opportunities that homeschooling offers. While L was at piano today, I took this opportunity to talk to her. I asked her not to get upset or frustrated but to just listen. I was not asking her to make a choice, but I wanted to ask her how she felt. I told her that having the choice to come out of school but be really scary when you have been in school for so long.…

A Very Bad Rule

I am again thinking about G and her path of growing and learning. I am again frustrated by the current state of our neighborhood school. Just this week the Principal implemented a new rule: only one child in the bathroom at a time...ever. How unbelievably inefficient. Today I was in picking G up and while I waited outside the office I saw the first grade teacher take 10 minutes to stand in her doorway and watch the children walk down the hall one at a time. While she was doing this, the Kindergarten class came by and stopped to use the bathroom creating a backlog. Although there are 6 stalls in this bathroom, only one may be used. Children waiting in the hallway were upset. One little girl said “this is a very bad rule.” as she crossed her legs bouncing up and down obvious to all that she really had to go. Five stalls were open, yet she waited. Why? That is what I would like to know. What happened in one of the bathrooms that caused a school with approximately 410 studen…

Opening Day

There are some things our family can always count on no matter what. Our parents will take us back in no matter how old we get, we can weather any storm, our children are surrounded by a circle of love, there will always be a dinner on the table Sunday for those who can come and wiffle ball. Yup, wiffle ball. Children, adults, dogs, all partake in our family pastime. If the weather allows us to be outside, chances are you will find at least two people pitching and hitting. This Sunday was opening day at my sister’s. Maybe it was that beloved Uncle is being deployed this week. Maybe it was that we are expecting a new child to our family. Maybe it was the weather was so damn nice. Maybe it was just that the spirit caught us. It was a great game.


A friend facebooked that she has an amazing life. And she does. She has a loving husband, amazing children that you can spend hours with and leave wanting to know more about them, she has a warm home and is surrounded by nature’s beauty.I wonder how many people stop to take time to appreciate their blessings? Do they look in their child’s eye and look past the moments of frustration to the moments of wonder?

Do they notice the things their partner does for them that may go unnoticed in our busy lives? Do they say thank you?I wonder how many people take our very existence for granted rather than realizing that every breath is a gift, every hug a treasure and every kiss a jewel?

I am blessed by God. I am fortunate to also have a charmed life, surrounded by my children, my spouse, my pets, my faith, my friends, my neighborhood, my family, my community. I count my blessings every day.