Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick Day

A challenge is presented when G is sick. When she stays home from school it affects the day of lessons I had planned for L. I remind G that being sick means no tv/no Wii/no dsi. It does mean lots of rest, reading and sleeping. Then I have to talk to L. She still has to do her lessons. After all, she is not sick. Lessons become significantly harder. Add to this a follow up doctor appointment for me at the surgeon for my cyst and the day gets even more complicated. As of right now it is 8:30 am. G is on the couch. I think she may be sleeping but then I hear her cough. L is still in bed sleeping or reading, I am not sure which. I am showered, but not dressed. Lessons should be starting at 9:00 but that looks unlikely. I am going to pack a bag for each with work to do while we are at the doctors and we will just see how much we can get done given it has become a sick day.

By early afternoon some lessons were done. Math - check. Spelling - check. Reading - check. Then out come the craft supplies. This is always met with trepidation. I want her to create when she is inspired, however, I prefer her to be inspired after lessons are done! “Mom, I’m making a collage. Can you guess what it is about?” She reads me the words, art, china, kitchens, kids, school, Connecticut, house, read, start, programs, home, movies, book, family, adventure, love, work, know it, so good, the cursive letter C, daily, Japanese, Mom, story, nature, Yale, music, www., ?, email, Celebrate.

“’s all about homeschooling! One of my favorite words on it is special because you are special Mom”.

Keep on creating L.

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    I have reviews on these workbooks/textbooks if you want more details.

    My kids use these for summer supplementation (we pick and choose chapters).

    Pragmatic Mom
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