Monday, May 10, 2010

A Week in Our Life

We have been learning at home for five months now. We have settled into a routine that includes outside classes, new interests and new friends. I thought it would be fun to document a week in our life. We are still figuring some things out but for the most part I am very happy with how things are going.

8:30 am walk G to school

9:00 begin our lessons. Math is usually first as this is her least favorite. I often find her on couch with our dogs working in her Singapore Math Workbook. Today was a review before we start a new unit on money this Wednesday.

9:30 Spelling - Starting a new program: Learning To Spell Through Copywork. I have never found that a spelling program translates into well spelled independent writing. I find that taking time to memorize a random list of words may work to pass a test, but ask the child to spell the list two weeks from now and they certainly will not score 100%. This book is simple yet teaches the phonics rules to be a good speller. Although the first few lessons are very easy, they get progressively harder. This week’s rule is when there is one vowel in a word, the vowel says the short sound.

9:45 Cursive writing - learning w today. So far she has learned the upward sloping letters u, t and i.

10:00 Writing - rather than working from our Write With Ease book, this week we are going to do some real life writing - thank you cards for first communion gifts! She choose to create her own cards using her craft supplies.

10:30 leave for Aududon class. Travel time 20 minutes. Class start time 11:00. In the car we listened to Jim Weiss: Tales from Cultures Near and Far for History. Stayed at class until 1:30 when we discovered her hiking shoes were locked inside the building. This meant no shoes for her all day nature class tomorrow.

2:00 p.m. off to Marshalls to buy a cheap pair of sneakers for nature class tomorrow.

2:45 walk to pick G up from school.

3:30 knitting class which turned into picking out many, many library books.

5:15 p.m. left library for piano lessons

5:30 - 6:30 piano lessons, while G had her lesson, L read her independent reading book for a half hour.

6:30 quick clean up of house, showers and tick check

7:00 dinner and half hour of tv.

8:00 get ready for bed - L will read in bed until 9:00pm then lights out.

Sometimes I worry that we did not get to every lesson I would have liked such as grammar, spanish, typing, art or music. But I realize art and music are covered in outside classes. Grammar we do when we can and she would only get one 45 minute spanish lesson a week in school. We will get to those another day.

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