Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday we brought home two frogs from Grace’s school. I was planning for two African Dwarf frogs. My generous friend over at Frog Creek, loaned me her unused filter, pump and aquarium light as well as the water conditioner. Since I have been promising the girls we could get frogs since Lilah completed her unit study back in February, I felt this was a blessing as well as a gift.

Upon peeking inside the coffee container I realized they seemed a bit large for dwarf frogs. Mind you, I have no frog experience, only what I learned from internet sites. I learned that dwarf frogs have webbed front legs and these two frogs clearly did not have webbed toes. That means they are African Clawed frogs. I went into a mild panic. This was not what I planned for and I did not want to commit to a big cost, difficult care and aggressive frogs. Just as I was about to post them on freecycle, my friend talked to me and calmed me down.

We set up the tank. Lilah collected river rocks and built hiding places. We fed them frozen blood worms. Because we know they can escape, we have the top double protected but I still get anxious when I look in and can’t find one. The last thing I want is a missing frog in my house!

The frogs are now named Taylor and Ralph. They live in the learning lounge. The girls are very attached to these creatures and while I can’t say they are “cute”, not as cute as the dwarf frogs, they might be growing on me.......


  1. I like the names! I would be the same way, but at least it's not a lizard or snake. I think frogs are cuter than snakes and lizards! Did you catch these or were they class pets in need of a summer home?

  2. The district Science Coordinator had them and when I met with the Principal we talked about Lilah's frog project. She asked me if I wanted some and I said yes without really being prepared for them! It all worked out and hopefully they will continue to be easy to care for!

  3. Yeah! I like Ralph and Taylor already. They are going to be kinda fun in a froggy way. Remember with these things, it's best to have no expectations... This way they far surpass any. All is well!

  4. Have fun with the little creatures. :) Update us.


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