Monday, June 7, 2010

Spotted at the Audubon

Today was such a peaceful day. Grace was allowed to stay home from school because she was able to present a good case against going. Her teacher is out for three days due to her son’s graduation and the substitutes that Grace has had lately have been a challenge. The yelling, strict policies against talking and lack of organization leave Grace feeling frazzled and anxious. Since she was being taken out tomorrow (from a field trip) to attend a field trip to New York with Lilah’s Brownie Troop anyway...I figured one more day would not make much difference.

Our morning began with two girls doing math, writing in their journals, working in their geography study guide for our town, and listening to a book in the car. At the Audubon we were treated to a wonderful hike through swamps teeming with damsel flies, across a meadow that could have been the setting for Twilight’s meadow scene, and through the woods. When the children overturned a log, they found this truly amazing salamander.

Our guide told us this was a rare find. Usually salamanders of this size only come out in early spring for mating season and return to their homes two feet under the ground. This one was the size of a leaf, approximately four inches long and an inch and a half wide. Stunningly beautiful.

We ended our day with friends at the beach were we took another walk to explore the mouth of a Housatonic River tributary. Grace was proud to share this special space with a friend for the first time. She carried herself with a confidence I have not seen in some time. I eagerly await the opportunities that Grace will have with homeschooling to find her true self.


  1. Awesome! It sounds like you had an amazing day, and I am so glad that Grace was there to enjoy it all. Can you feel it? How amazing is next year gong to be?

  2. I can feel it!!!! We missed you. Glad you are back home.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! I am contemplating keeping the girls home tomorrow because one of the homeschooling groups I am looking at is sponsoring strawberry picking near by...

  4. Take them! It made all the difference for me. If they can't miss the whole day, take them out early or send them in late. The time they miss (in June) will be easy to make up. The time you spend making connections may change your whole life!


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