Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween in Afghanistan

Greg’s cousin is a Veteran of the Iraqi War.    About once a month we would gather together and mail out a care package to his men.  His sister would come up with a theme, we would gather things together, write cards and mail a package.  They were not extravagant, but she made sure that each one of his men received something.  It was our way of staying thank you for their service to our Country.
Today she did something that was completely generous....she planned a care package day for my brother.  Armed with construction paper, Halloween stickers, candy, goody bags, food treats and toiletries, all purchased by their Aunt, my girls and their cousin set out to create Halloween Goody Bags for my brother and his men.  When they were done we had three boxes ready to be delivered to the Post Office for shipment to Afghanistan.  
We hope they have a little bit of Halloween in Afghanistan.
Thanks was a really good day!


  1. That is so awesome! I have tears in my eyes! I just love how your family all gets along and does thing for each other and thinks about each other!

  2. You have such a kind heart. What you have done is a lot of work. It was always hard for me to just make a care package for my husband when he deployed. I can't imagine doing it for many of the men and women. So, thank you for being so supportive to the husbands, wives, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters that are so far away.

  3. Thanks Theresa. I do have to agree. Our family is pretty great.

    Marcie, I really can't take any credit for this. My sister-in-law took my nephew shopping for all the treats, and brought the food for us to much on while we packed. All I had to do was offer the space. She really went above and beyond. We are going to the post office to mail the boxes tomorrow. They should get there just in time to celebrate.

  4. I LOVE this. Still keeping your brother in my prayers, in appreciation as I go about my "normal" days. Do you know if cookies or baked items keep until they get there?

  5. It takes a package about 2 1/2 weeks to get there because we are on the east coast and every package must first travel to CA then be shipped to Afghanistan. If they were sealed in an airtight container they might make it.......

  6. Love it you are a blessing the troops are going to love it ... Your Brother is in our prayers please let me know if their is anything i can do my email is .

    Baskets Of Thanks,
    Maria Ammmar

  7. Maria,
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. That is all they really need right now thankfully!


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