Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nature Studies

We don’t live here........

Our neighborhood is just that, a neighborhood.  We have a park with sledding hills, man made ponds, football/soccer fields, and a playground.  We have sidewalks lined with century-old trees that provide lovely shade in the summer sun.  We live three blocks from Main Street where we can walk to get ice cream, pizza, or a slushy.  We live a few miles from the sound.  But for this, this wide open land of meadows, forests, streams and ponds, we venture to the Audubon.  Our teacher is wonderful.  She speaks to our children with kindness and respect.  She encourages their inquiry and draws out their wonder.  She takes time to answer both their questions, and ours!
Today Grace held a salamander for the first time with guidance provided by her now-expert amphibian handler sister.

We I learned the difference between lichen and moss.


The girls played and explored.

We heard the beautiful mournful sound of an owl.  Despite looking high into the tree branches, we could not spot it.

We saw turkey vultures, many different kinds of salamanders, a leopard slug and a muskrat swimming in the pond.

that little thing is a muskrat...I dropped a hint to Grace that I would love a new lens for my birthday!

We never miss this class.  Tomorrow will will use these pictures plus some of the berries, wild peas, leafs and twigs that came home with us to make a new entry in our nature journals.


  1. I love that little orange salamander in the palm of one of the girl's hands!

    Looks like a great day!!

  2. which audobon do you go to, it looks like a nice peaceful day trip for me and Jan.....To take our mind off of TAZ.....

  3. What an awesome place! Nature is one of our favorite things.

    Jess one thing I notice in every one of your pictures is the joy on your girls faces. Not just 'smile for the camera' but joy and delight. I am just so happy for you and the way your year is going.

  4. Lovely day indeed! That little red salamander is the easter newt in the red eft stage. They are a treasure to find. They are like a magical little topical things, found right here in CT. Gotta love it!

  5. What fun! I'm going to have to look into finding something similar, I think. We've got plenty of parks with (semi) wild space, but I don't know nearly as much as I'd like to & a guide would be just the thing. You have lovely pictures!


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