Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road-Schooling III

I know I have said this, but I feel so wonderfully close to my girls at this moment.  Staying at someone’s house is not something we have done often.  In fact, I think we have only stayed at one friend’s house overnight when we visited Washington D.C a few years ago....  We have had discussions about what it means to be a good house guest.  Like making your bed in the morning, cleaning your plate after finishing a meal, helping to clean, and giving the host family space so they can work things out with their children when they need to.  

In addition to our learning about social graces, we have done a bit of reading.  Grace started her book club book, The Homework Machine.  Lilah is still working on the second Percy Jackson and I just began Kristin Hannah’s The Night Road.  
Kaya, this one is for you!

Then there has been play.  Grace learned how to rollerblade and discovered a new sport, rollerblade basketball!  We took the kids to play mini-golf under blue lights.   Grace and Lilah went to watch their friend’s hockey scrimmage while I enjoyed some time exploring the Super Walmart, Super grocery store and Super Whole Foods.  Okay, the grocery store and Whole Foods were not “super sized” but they might as well have been compared to the size of our stores back home. I could have spent hours wandering the aisles of Whole Foods......such a beautiful store.  I scored some old-lady ergonomic devices to help my butt endure the ride home.  Hopefully with my new gel padded seat cushion, my new vibrating lumbar support and my new neck support my tookas won’t go numb before we hit the IN border......


  1. You are completely cracking me up with your old lady ergonomic support!! And making me glad that I am only 4'11"!! lol

  2. Fun! I love that you are really taking advantagevif homeschooling. Have a great time!

  3. Wow! Kaya is going to be so excited when he sees that shark! You look like you are having so much fun! Be well, have a great time, see you soon!


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