Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a draw.....

Last night we got an unexpected phone call.  My sister-in-law was gifted a hotel room for the night and invited us over for an evening swim with her boys.  My girls can never refuse the offer of a swim, especially with their cousins.  I am not sure which they enjoyed more, playing chicken in the pool, or soaking in the hot tub.....From their smiles, I would say it’s a draw.....


  1. How Fun!!! We are in desperate need of a good swim day. I agree it looks to be pretty even on the pool and the hot tub.

  2. I love your girls. I love their smiles and the way they interact. I love the picture in the bubble bath ;)

    BTW Kei wrote a blog post and used your girls names. She said "I want to do a story about my friends" :)

  3. Happy girls indeed. So, did mom get in that hot tub?

  4. Marcie - I have the kitchen post almost done....
    Karen - I left Kei a comment on her beautiful story!
    Andrea - I should have but no, I rested. I love to swim but really only if it is at least 80 degrees (both the air and the water!)
    and Lilah,
    I <3 you too sweetie!

  5. Bliss! I can't get over just how much joy is in these pictures. It's just bursting out. So I get to share it, the joyous energy, and that makes me happy too. Thank you for posting these, Jessica!


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