Friday, April 22, 2011


We finished our second chapter of the week in SOTW.....I am so pleased.  In chapter 28 we learned that the Romans were the first to build modern roadways connecting their empire. Along the way, they used stones as mile markers, or milestones.  I explained that while our highways have mile markers as well, we use the term to mean a significant event or developmental stage in human growth and development.  In fact, we experienced a milestone ........our first green smoothie!


  1. I LOVE green smoothies!!! Especially after, say a holiday weekend, where I don't eat a lot of good nutritious stuff...nothing like a green smoothie to put my body back to feeling its best!!

    Last weekend, when we were going to see the play, there was a highway called "Appian Way" that we needed to travel on--it had nothing to do with the play, just a road in that area! My girls were so excited, however, to be traveling on the Appian Way to see Julius Caesar!!

  2. Ha! That looks like my oldest :) They get used to it!

  3. Theresa - that is pretty powerful! Coincidence...or more? I wonder??

    Jen - your post inspired me to give them a try!

  4. LOL I Love Lilah's face :) I have never had one either. Maybe some day...

    We start Rome next week.

  5. When my kids were small, I read in a kid's cookbook that all kids believe --"If it's green, it must be yucky!"
    Lilah's face portrays just that thought!! I love it.

  6. It is priceless isn't it! Her eyes are not happy with me!

  7. :) Funny. With all that good stuff in it, it shouldn't have needed a plugging!
    We love them, too - though ours are mostly brown. :)
    (mango, yougurt, strawberries and raspberries, banana, and lots and lots of spinach.) mmmmmmm-mm!

  8. Is your daughter holding her nose in that picture? ;)

    I'm curious: What was the recipe for the smoothie that you made (and did you all enjoy it)?

  9. I think it is TIME for Green Smoothies in our house too. I keep seeing them—they're popping up everywhere, and I am inspired. I hope Lilah ended up enjoying her drink!

  10. Yes she is plugging her nose and chasing her smoothie with apple cider!

    I did not use a recipe...just a handful of frozen mango, cut up fresh pinapple (plus the juice), some white grape juice and a handful of chopped fresh organic spinach. I think I used a bit too much did have a bit of a leafy taste but I enjoyed it. Grace drank two big gulps and said she did not mind it. I am going to keep playing around with different fruit and juices until I find one that they both enjoy!


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