Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bad Day.....

This is what my beautiful child does while waiting at her sister's tennis lesson 
when she should be doing writing.



                                                      (she told me she was blogging.........)

*I was graciously given her permission to blog this, which is very uncharacteristic of Ms. Lilah!


  1. I love her. Can't wait to show the kids after they are done with their veryinvolvedmadeupcrazygame. This will be so fun, I can't wait for them to see her!

  2. Well…what can I say, Jess?! Your girl would fit in very, very happily with my crazy, inventive, silly kids. Now I'm CERTAIN they'd be friends :)

  3. AWSOME! So creative! The girls absolutely adore it, they have watched it like ten times already! GROSS as well, Lilah! Way to go!

  4. Quite a blog entry. Can't wait to show the kids. Sooooo funny!


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