Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Duck Pond

Lilah had the chance to spend some quality time with her friend.  They could have done just about anything they wanted without big sisters tagging along.  What did they choose to do?  A mani/pedi?  Nope.  Arts/crafts?  Nope.   They chose to make mud patty poo sculptures and carefully and strategically place them around the yard to fool those passing by.

After the placement of the poo we went to waddle in some real poo - duck poo that is!  We live close to a duck pond where you are allowed to feed the fowl.  I brought my new lens and played around with the different settings and features.  Here are the results......

Here is my new bumper sticker...don't you just love it??!!


  1. AWESOME!! Very creative, I love it! I am sure it would fool the experts! LOL

  2. Where did you get the sticker for your car???

    You must have a great camera - love the shots.

  3. The bumper sticker came from CafePress.com. For some reason blogger added a bit of grain to the photos. On my computer they are crystal clear but they did not upload well.......

  4. I love playing with mud when I was a kid. Oddly, my girls don't get the fun of it.

    What lens did you get? I love the close up of Lilah! I've had similar problems with uploading to blogger. Apparently if you use picasa to upload your photos and then import them to blogger it makes a difference, but I have not tried this.

  5. I think your bumper sticker should say "We're in school 24/7!"When are you actually NOT teaching???

  6. LOL I love what Lilah and her friend chose to do. Great pictures Jess. And I love your bumper sticker. I want one that says 'Homeschool Girls" :)

  7. Ah, I do love a post with fake poo in it!

    How funny—I like Lilah's sense of humour :) It looks like she and her friend had a lot of fun—so much Happy in their faces! I love an outdoorsy, creative day—a day after my own heart.

    And that bumper sticker is fantastic—I like your reflection in the pic too. :)


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