Friday, May 20, 2011

The Graveyard Book

The girls and I are listening to this wonderful audiobook.

Halfway through a chapter, the girls asked me to pause the audio.  They asked if they could make a movie of this book.  I said sure but that I can’t speak for their friends who they would want to cast in the movie.  Quickly my backseat became the casting director’s office.  Each character was named and friends were assigned to the roles.  I have to say, I think their choices would be most excellent.  We discussed the setting; the perfect cemetery.  As this conversation was taking place we were driving through old windy country roads.  We happened to come upon a cemetery. Rather than drive on by we pulled in!  
We decided that although this cemetery meets the criteria of old it does not have required elements such as a chapel or a mausoleum.
We wandered around looking for the oldest headstone, feeling the quiet.  At times I shivered feeling like we were not alone, for I am sure we were not. You could not help but imagine Mrs. Owens,  Silas and Liza watching from behind the nearest tombstone. I felt like at any moment Bod could pop out for a chat.  But since we were just three girls on a walk, appreciating, looking, and listening, nothing bothered us.  
Now the hunt is on for the perfect cemetery.  I have a few in mind but part of the beauty of learning is letting the girls lead the way.  I can point the car in the right direction but I want them to find the location.





  1. What a great idea!! And ONCE I wished we lived closer. Kei would love to do something like this too. We are headed to the library and I think I will see if I can get this one.

  2. oooh...creepy! i love that you stopped at the cemetery and "felt" the characters in the book!

  3. What a fun adventure for you and the girls! Good luck with your search.

  4. Jess, we grabbed the CD's at the library. WE are loving it and anxious to see what adventures lie ahead for Bod. :)


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