Friday, May 6, 2011

Hail to the Queen

We felt a little time at home was needed so we ditched our plans to attend a Renaissance Faire and lounged about.  The girls are very excited about an art show that I am organizing for homeschooled children in June and wanted to sort through their art from this year and work on some things they have in progress.  Out came the canvasses, paints and brushes.  We made a list of things we needed like glue dots, quality glitter, and canvas stands.  Because we are spiraling back to ancient China, I wanted calligraphy pens as well.  It seemed a trip to Michael’s was in order.   Even though I had a list, we were tempted to pick up a few extra items as well, like new paint brushes and air dry clay.  Sooo much fun!
Grace's funky owl

her serious owls

Lilah's favorite salt painting

and her wild hair woman

and finally her crayon batik
When we returned home the henna that we mixed up before leaving was ready to be applied.  Since we have been studying ancient Egypt and India, why not experience body art as they did?  It was not as hard as I anticipated.  I love mine and can’t wait to see how it looks after I scrape off the dried henna paste and wait for the stain to set.  



To end my artful day, I plugged in the Queen of all Blenders, the borrowed Vitamix.  Lilah and I had a lengthy discussion if the blender is a he or a she.  She felt it should be given the title of King of the Blenders but I had to override this.  She is clearly Queen. As amazing as she is, she could not turn mustard greens (with red lettuce) into something palatable.  Yuck!  I will try them again, only not so much mustard leaves and with tomato juice.  I need to create a virgin bloody mary to drink this green.  If you have had any success with it, please let me know!  I was only able to drink half, and then went back to my fruit blend; this time using blueberry, raspberry, spinach and romaine.  

Even though it tasted horrid, it was quite beautiful.....


  1. Those artworks are wonderful! I adore owls: I would love a print of Grace's funky (and serious) owls on my wall. And Lilah's hair woman is awesome. Now we need to fly over and do some art with you—we'll be right there!

    An art show is a great idea! A friend of mine did the same thing recently, just a little afternoon show with friends, and it was magic. The energy of the room, and the kids' excitement was bliss for me. I wish we could come by your show too. (Again, we'll be right there!)

    Great post, Jessica. I love the mix (pun intended!) of art and green smoothies, and the lovely relaxed feeling I get of you all having a happy day at home… ah. Peace.

  2. We missed you, but totally understand! I love all that art. The girls are so talented. I will tell my kids of your idea and see if they bite, I think Marlin will, just not sure on my boys!
    LOVED the color of that green smoothie, it screams life!

  3. The art show is a great idea! I might have to think about pulling that together in my community next year. I love the henna! Where did you get your supplies?

  4. @ Helena - we'll see how it goes. The post went out but I have not had a great response. If I don't get more families to participate, I may have to rethink the idea...

    @ Kim - Marlin asked if she could come with us again if we did the Simsbury show in the fall. I hope she will want to come. The boys could display their lego creations........

    @ schmobes - I left you an email but for anyone else who is interested, our local natural foods store sells great henna kits!

  5. Green mustard greens aren't very tasty, it is not the fault of the "Queen". Don't despair, collards and kale have very mild taste when they are in a smoothie.

    Girls, love, LOVE, your art work! I can't wait for the art show! You have inspired me and now we have to go to Michael's as well!


  6. I wish I knew this before I mixed them up! Many of these greens like watercress, dandelion and mustard are new to me. I do think a bit of mustard greens would be very good with a tomato juice base and I want to try again, a green bloody mary with a stalk of celery to much on!

  7. I love the art work! Love Grace's owl and Lilah's wild woman. And the henna!!! Woohoo. We will have to try that. Did you buy a kit?

    I told Kei about your Green Smoothie's and she said "Gross" so I must try them. Will they work in just a regular blender?

  8. Karen, We used a kit that I purchased from our natural foods store. It was easy and fun!

    As far as the green smoothies, yes they will work in a regular blender. I was using the Magic Bullet blender which is not big enough nor is it as powerful as a regular blender. An Oster or Kitchenaide mixer (any brand) will do the job....I just love my mom's mixer and will cry when I have to give it back. But I am saving my money from tutoring to buy myself one hopefully soon.....


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