Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

For all those who fought for our freedom
we give you thanks.
For those families who sacrificed while their loved one served
we give you thanks.
For those who gave their life so we may live ours free
we give you thanks.
You are not forgotten.
Your efforts live on in the hopes and dreams of young Americans.
You are our heroes.
Let us never forget.


  1. Jess, this looks like such a great day! I can't believe you get to go to the beach so often. Lucky you.

    You are right...they are heroes.

  2. As it gets colder here in Oz, we look on your beach days with a touch of wistfulness.

    We just had our Anzac Day holiday a few weeks back - an Australian public holiday to celebrate the work of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (and other armed forces). Lots of people going to the memorial marches now days.


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