Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar Detox Update - How I Know It's Working...

It has been ten days since giving up sugar.  In this time I have only had one small soft serve ice cream (but I could not finish it).  It was my anniversary.....  Other than this I had one bite of cake at my nephew’s baptism.  That is it.  From what I can tell by reading labels, I have not had anything that contains sugar as an ingredient (sucrose).  I have allowed myself fructose, since I enjoy my green smoothies with fruit.  So how is it going?  Here are some ways I know it is working:

  • You long time followers may remember this was a popular one from last summer.  While I still cannot fit into my favorite Paige jeans comfortably, I can get them on and buttoned!  I do not own a scale so I cannot tell how much weight I have lost or if my body shape is just changing but my clothes fit better!  That extra few pounds from last summer that I struggled to lose seem to be finally saying Adios!
  • I have come to look forward to my smoothie.  So far my greens have included spinach, romaine, watercress, dandelion greens, cucumber, mint, and celery.  I did not enjoy the celery.  My blender is not powerful enough to pulverize it.  I abhorred (the strongest word I could think of) the cucumber in my smoothie.  But I love the other greens, especially the dandelion and watercress combined.  I still like my smoothie with fruit and a splash of sparkling mineral water but......
  • Yesterday I had my first all-green smoothie using only honey as a sweetener.  It was yummy.
  • I feel full.  I no longer crave sugar and sugary treats.  I have not attacked my children’s Easter candy (did I tell you I was caught eating every.single.piece of their valentine candy?)   
  • My body feels good.  I no longer feel fatigued and depleted of energy.  
  • If I do not have my mid-afternoon smoothie I feel incomplete.  No is becoming a routine that I look forward to every day.  
  • I dream of owning a Vitamix blender, the Queen of all blenders.  My mother has one and is going to loan it to me until I save up enough of my tutoring money to purchase one of my own.  To date I have been making them in my mother’s borrowed Magic Bullet blender which does not have the power I need to crush frozen fruit and pulverize the tougher greens.  Now that I have the girls drinking smoothies with me, we are using the magic bullet at least twice a day.
  • Last year my part of our CSA share was not put to good use.  I gave away my kale and chard.  This year I look forward to me weekly food pick up!  I can’t wait to try every kind of green and have begun making a list of things to purchase either through the CSA farm share or at local farmer’s markets!  No longer will I donate my carrot tops to feed the farm rabbits!
  • I have read Green for Life and it has changed the way I view health and nutrition.  I do not think I can recall another book having such a profound affect on me.  I begged Greg to read it on his train ride so that we can talk about it together.  It makes so much sense and is written in a style that is narrative and concise.  Please read it and let me know what you think!  I need to have meaningful conversations about this book.  
  • I have never in my life gone through so much produce.  A package of spinach in three days?  A package of romaine in three days?  Unheard of before.  In order to purchase organic greens at this pace, something else is going to have to give.  Wait......I think I just saved $5 by NOT buying ice cream this week!  But seriously, to each organic and in larger volumes that what we are used to it does make sense to cut back in other areas.  I just told the girls today that our habit of going out to dinner occasionally will be cut back and I will look for things that are on sale.   I wish it would get warmer here in CT so we can get our garden growing.  Just think, I will be able to harvest my very own greens and blend them within hours of harvest.  This makes me so happy that I know this must be working!


  1. i'm going to make a smoothie when the kids get up or here soon.. i tried monicas dandolin were a little bitter but not bad.. i need it a little sweeter with fruit. i think i'm going to throw in carrots and spinach.. with the blender also look at blendtec and costco or bjs sometimes has blendtec or vitamix there.

  2. Ha! you are so cute! I have not read that book, but I will look for it. Did you read Green Smoothie Revolution? I got it from the library and then bought a copy! I make green smoothies a variety of ways, but I only drink them when I need a mid-afternoon snack. Maybe I should try drinking them daily.

    We are considering a CSA, but the pick-up locations and times are really not convenient (close to an hour away and on days when I work!) we keep looking.

  3. I read the website for Green Smoothie Rev. but I have not read the book yet.....I am almost done with GFL and then I am going to read a book the author recommends about an alkeline diet that complements the smoothie theory. I had Greg print out a list of alekline and acidic foods for me to use as a reference. Lilah and I even tried testing our pH level on litmus paper but it was not quality paper and did not give us a clear reading. We are going to pick up more paper down at Petco. Life and Learning, all rolled into one!

  4. Poor Micki! I gave her part of my green smoothie, but the amount of dandelion greens was disproportionate and it was bitter! I made another one with less of them in the afternoon and it was much, much better.

  5. I am proud of you! Good job, giving up sugar is a hard thing to do.

  6. I just got the book Green for Life yesterday at the library. I am going to read it next week on vacation - I can't wait! I could have just about written this post. I didn't like celery either, and we have a Blendtec, it still tasted gross. We joined a CSA for the first time this year and I can't wait until we get our greens. Plus we are hoping to grow some of our own. Keep up the good work!

  7. I am so enjoying your journey. I bought my Vitamix at Costco about a year ago, and I use it almost every other day (I make a big batch of green smoothie, enough for 2 days). You will certainly use your CSA share this year! I buy the big organic spinach at Costco in the winter, and I buy organic fruits whenever they are on sale and just keep them in the freezer. Kale grows REALLY late into the fall, so plant some and enjoy into November! I am not a big fan of cucumber either, but spinach, kale and chard, oh, that is just divine.....

  8. I have been without sugar for one day. Keep going!


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