Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cape Cod Memories

 I have so many memories of vacationing at the Cape.  Early morning walks to the beach with my Grandfather to dive for conch shells.  Boiling those shells and laboriously applying clear nail polish as a varnish.  Walking to Main Street for the paper, ice cream and a silk screened tee shirt.  Provincetown. Racing from our house to my best friend's house who usually vacationed the same two weeks as us. Rope bracelets. Horse back riding.  Driving along the dunes.

I wonder what my girls will look back on?  I can guess a few.......six a.m. bike rides with Greg.  Puzzle making.  Bonatt's Bakery and meltaway pastries.  Uncle Paul tossing them six feet in the air.  Go carting.  Provincetown.  Great white hunting.  Make a wish rope anklets.  Sea glass.  Cousins.  Skim boarding. Stuffed animal buying.  Book stores.  Ginormous ice cream cones.

I hope their memories are sweet.

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