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Pre-Halloween Faces

Who needs electricity to have some holiday fun?  Not MamaK!
Who needs heat to have fun?  Not these kids!
But friends need heat.  They need running water.  They need to light their home that is filled with so much love.  
Hopefully these things will be coming their way soon.

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Week of October 24th

The post with no pictures!
In My Home This Week: We have been having some growing pains.  Growing up pains.  In our coop, the girls are dealing with having a teacher who they feel is not a good fit for them.  I have to laugh when people site the stereotype that homeschool kids are not prepared for real life.  They are.  They are dealing with real life issues every single day.  I told my daughter I support her reasons to drop the class but she cannot simply walk away.  She must tell the teacher her reasons for dropping, either in writing or in person.  I will help her organize her thoughts, but she must be the one to initiate the conversation.  Then if she wants to sit with me during the time she would be in class, she has my blessing.  Part of participating in a coop is having the opportunity to work with several different adults.  Some are great fits and serve as teachers, mentors, role models.  Others, not so much!  But that is okay.  It is important to know who you want to work with…

Spooky Ooky

I have the post over at Three Thinking Mothers today - we are talking about favorite fall activities.  Since we are not much of a crafting family and I have no fabulous tutorial to share, I thought I would share some of my favorite Halloween decorations.

Lilah made this one.  She found the stick outside and her creative brain saw it as the frame for a wire-spiderweb.  She made the spider out of masking tape and wire and used the glue gun to attach it to the web!

My father-in-law made these stunning ceramic pumpkins.  Lilah's lights up with a flashing light bulb and we put candles in Grace's.

Grace became slightly obsessed with owls ever since her friend clued her into how very cool they are.  They became our favorite birds to visit with during our trips to the Audubon Sanctuary where we would read the stories of how they were rescued.  Since then we have built up quite a collection!
These are our newest additions to the spooky decorations.  The girls' pooled their dog walking …

Artist/Writer's Workshop Session #3

I adore our artist/writer’s workshop.  Last week we did not meet due to some of the girls traveling and others battling illness.  Thankfully this week the six girls came together to write about how they feel on a rainy day.   I used this lesson from Art Lessons For
All that beautiful space under the umbrellas was just meant for words.  Lots of wonderfully descriptive sentences and phrases describing rainy day activities like jumping in puddles wearing rain boots or getting drenched while running around the block.   Some girls saw this project in a different way.  To them, the words should be "raining" down on the umbrellas.

At one point during our 90 minute session there was complete silence.  The girls were so completely absorbed in what they were doing, all your could hear was the scratching of sharpie pens against paper and gentle breathing.  It was pure magic.  


Homeschool Mother's Journal: Week of October 17

In Our Home/School This Week: We convinced Greg to take two days off and spend some time at home.  It is so rare that he is able to tag along with us to the activities that take us from place to place throughout the week.  Having him join us on our Girl Scout hike to Kent Falls was like having a family day trip!  After the hike, we went to our friend’s house close by for some fire building and hot dog roasting. 

Another perk of having Dad around, is that he can get involved in some of the lessons ‘round here.  These are never planned, they just occur.  Like when the girls asked about the protests in New York.  This led into a full discussion of the stock market.  We explained how the girls are actually shareholders of GE and receive quarterly dividends in their name, which we have always used towards their activities.  Grace was very intrigued by this.  Greg taught her how to track a stock online by its share name.  She looked at trends and learned that the key to making money is to bu…

Kent Falls

Getting out of the house was hard.  Daddy was home which threw off the morning routine.  Some days our house is all about routine. Little things that are suddenly different should not become big things, but sometimes they do.  All you can do is roll through the punches, take a deep breath and move on.   Of course it helps if this is where you are taking that deep breath. And you can hold your best friend’s hand. Think deep thoughts. Be still. Feel like a small speck in the Universe. Dream about where life will take you. Splash.
Reach great heights. Wrapped in love’s embrace.

Stew Leonard's + Math = One Sweet Field Trip

For math today my girls had a field trip with their Aunt.  Because we got stuck in traffic, the trip was short (just an hour) but very sweet.  We have been talking about advertising.  What makes good advertising?  What is your brand?  How do you showcase your brand?  What can you do to attract customers?  What would be annoying to customers?  How do you honor your employees?  Basically, what makes you choose one store over another.  What gets you to Stew Leonard’s over Whole Foods?   Stew Leonard’s is a Connecticut based food retailer.  They are known for exceptional customer service, fresh produce and dairy.  In fact, the New York Times coined them “the Disney land of dairy stores”.  Shopping here is not a quick get-in-and-get-out-shopping-trip.  It is an experience.  It is the perfect place for a lesson on marketing, branding, product placement, customer service, and advertising. We had a grand time.  I was scolded for taking pictures but really dude?  It is a grocery store....