Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stew Leonard's + Math = One Sweet Field Trip

For math today my girls had a field trip with their Aunt.  Because we got stuck in traffic, the trip was short (just an hour) but very sweet.  We have been talking about advertising.  What makes good advertising?  What is your brand?  How do you showcase your brand?  What can you do to attract customers?  What would be annoying to customers?  How do you honor your employees?  Basically, what makes you choose one store over another.  What gets you to Stew Leonard’s over Whole Foods?  
Stew Leonard’s is a Connecticut based food retailer.  They are known for exceptional customer service, fresh produce and dairy.  In fact, the New York Times coined them “the Disney land of dairy stores”.  Shopping here is not a quick get-in-and-get-out-shopping-trip.  It is an experience.  It is the perfect place for a lesson on marketing, branding, product placement, customer service, and advertising.
We had a grand time.  I was scolded for taking pictures but really dude?  It is a grocery store....
Your first impression of the store is important.

Free samples make customers happy!
So much to see and do!

Contests...with in-store prizes.
This always makes me smile!
Stew is a master of branding.

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