Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Game

Now that I have maps up in between our dining room and kitchen, the girls spend time marking the states we have visited and the countries we have covered in Story of the World.  
One evening Lilah was looking at the map and wondered what the traditional dress of Hawaii is.  The next thing I knew she ran upstairs and came down dressed like she was about to visit the beach in Waikiki.  

A game was created.  
We call it: 

Did you catch that?  This is how you play: 
Mom picks a country randomly.
Lilah and her friends look it up the traditional dress of said country on Google.

Lilah rummages through her closet, my closet and the attic until she recreates the look of the country.
She models it.



The only downside to this game is the mess that was created and left on the floor after the game was finished.  My silk vest that came from Shanghai may now be officially off limits!  

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