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Dreams.                                                             *Photo curtesy of Pinterest What are the thinks that I think about in the quiet corners of my day?  What do I pull out now and then and toss around, work on for a while, then tuck back inside me to be saved for another time or space?  We all have dreams.  Goal.  Desires.  Many of my dreams have come true.  The big dreams, like my Prince in Shining Armor, the castle and the carriage, and the Princesses in poster beds.  I have the big things, and for that I am eternally blessed.  These are the little things.  The things that to anyone else may seem unimportant or unnecessary but to us are as vital as the air we push in and out of our lungs with each breath. These are my dreams.  My words.  Attach to the end of these what you will.  It is not the details that matter as much as the state of being.  For it I can have these things, I can do anything.  
Read  Write Strive Remove Empower Surround Appreciate Beauty Explore Grow Construct Lo…

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Week of Jan. 23rd

In My Home This Week:  Wow.  It has been a very long time since I can say with satisfaction that I accomplished things this week.  My new routine is not easy.  Five days in a row, I have woke to the gentle shake or kiss of my husband.  I only see him for about 15 minutes before he leaves to catch a train, but those 15 minutes are the best way to start a day.  Sometimes, if I am really lucky, he will have the coffee on for me.   I refuse to slack off, even when the call of my bed is stronger than the call of my coffee cup. I have to look to my accomplishments to propel me forward.  I have: reorganized our daily bookshelf, reorganized the closet space that hold our books and tools, cleaned out the old office which is now a reading room.  I have caught us up on laundry, taken the curtains to the dry cleaners, hung up new ones (borrowed from my bedroom which may never go back), found a new recipe for pumpkin-flax breakfast cookies, baked those twice! and many more things that were on my to…

Interview at Interest Led Learning

Today my words are featured at  Interest-Led Learning.  

In my interview I explain:

Why we chose to homeschool.What I encourage new or prospective homeschooling families to ponder.How I facilitate learning by following my daughters' interests.What helped me survive my first year.
Christina's blog is a wonderful resource for all families,  those homeschooling their children,as well as those who are not.  Her words have given me inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, and comfort. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my story.

Day In and Day Out

Deep breaths.  Sometimes as a family who lives, learns and plays together 24/7 you need to take deep breaths.  I have spent the past few days examining how to better manage my home.  It seems like I am always doing that.  
When my girls were in school, there was no need for this type of reflection.  Each day was the same from 9-3.  It did not matter what phase of life my girls were in, whether they were barely out of their toddler years, losing their first teeth or walking themselves into school, my days looked the same... day in and day out.   I have tried every home management system I have come across.  My favorite was Fly Lady, but I have not been able to incorporate her system into my life as a homeschooling mom.  It took me about two years to figure out that our home is constantly in flux.  A routine that worked six months ago may not work now due to changing sleep habits, meal frequency and activity load.  I need to re-evaluate and re-adjust. I am adjusting.  I have asked for help…

One Day

In one day you have countless opportunities for love, wonder, awe, admiration and humor.  You also have countless opportunities for stress, aggravation, frustration and despair.  Which ones will you choose today? Yesterday we chose option #1.


over frustration...

Find your joy in this day.

Urban Bird Walk

The Peabody Museum sponsored a bird walk around the Yale Campus during lunch.  They were hoping to attract Yalies on their lunch hour but what they ended up with were two Mamas and their five hatchlings looking for a birding adventure!  

This was the walk I was looking for.  Of course Mother Nature would not cooperate with me and has something against this Mama taking a bird walk.  I was armed (well...legged) with my silk thermals (and did not hear one single tease), my down jacket , three umbrellas, two water bottles, binoculars, a camera and a cell phone.  Cell phone? Very important to take notes on what we saw, since I forgot the now seemingly old fashioned pen and notebook!
We strolled the Yale Science Campus with our necks craned upwards on this misty day.  Not good for a  glasses wearing Mama who really needs to make an appointment for contacts.....

We had fantastic lessons on how to use binoculars and where to look for certain species of birds.  We checked tree tops for cardinals,…

What if?

How do you become this kind of parent? or this kind of parent?

How do you become the kind of parent that in fifteen years has shared enough pertinent information with your child to keep them alive while living independently in hazardous conditions?  How do you hug them and kiss them goodbye?   I would like to think that this is the goal of this journey we are on.  To raise our daughters to become independent, risk taking, passionate, courageous, fearless young women.   When presented with an opportunity to pursue their passions they would be prepared enough to meet the opportunity head on with determination and perseverance. 

In just four years would I let Grace go off on a storm chasing adventure?  I can’t see Lilah desiring anything so dangerous but what if she had the chance to accompany a biologist to the Galapagos Islands?  

What if? Am I raising daughters who will be prepared…

Homeschool Mother's Journal: The basketball edition: Week of January 16th

What is Happening in My Home this Week: I was fortunate to spend some quality time with my friends this week while my daughters played with their children.  We talked about important things, things that matter to who we are as women, wives and mothers.   We had tea and shared meals.  We shared friendship.  Thank you to all my friends, who enrich my life more than you know! What is Happening in Our Homeschool:  math: Grace is half way through book two of Key To Fractions and has learned to simply fractions by finding the greatest common factor. Lilah’s lessons this week took her back to her learning from her Business Math program.  She was adding with decimals and writing checks! 

grammar: My girls are loving the lessons from one of my favorite books: First Language Lessons.  We are technically on the second grade - but I don’t consider it to be leveled by grade.  Since my girls are significantly older we are able to skip lessons, condense lessons and compress several lessons into one.  W…

The Perpetual Quest for Balance...

Something interesting is happening in the nature of how we schedule our time to play.  We have gone from having long stretches of time to play and play to short bursts of time   that usually fall in between activities.  Our weeks have taken on a steady rhythm that was missing in the fall.   The fall seemed chaotic.  Too much activity.  Too many playdates.  Too many activities.  When I had a day free I did not do my best to honor our time at home like I promised myself I would.  It is so easy to say yes to tea with your friends and conversation that can stretch on for hours.  In fact, there are times when we should say yes to this.  Being home with our children 24/7 is a blessing.  However, just like they need to be with friends their own age, so do we as mothers, need a chance to interact about things other than grammar, medieval history and fractions.   But what was happening is that my only free day at home was taken up by playdates or appointments and the housework was not getting d…


I've discovered Instagram.   Love.

My Fair Lazy

I recently read a book I picked up for $3.00 at a library book sale titled: My Fair Lazy, A Memoir by Jen Lancaster.  The premise of this book gave me the misguided impression that this was "chick-lit".  The author was having an interview with Candace Bushnell and was the topic of Baudelaire came up.  She had no idea what or who Baudelaire was or is (it is a he actually, a French poet, but I had to google it to make sure).  This leads her to question her life of writing and consuming massive doses of reality television while caring for her menagerie of pets and trying to rid her home of pesky vermin.

Wanting to be able to participate in social settings and discuss more than pop culture, Jen enlists the help of her friends to give herself a cultural makeover.  I found her references to movies such as Clueless, the debut episode of MTV’s Real World, and Gossip Girl (all well known to me!) completely endearing.  I think that Jen is someone whom I would love to talk to in real li…