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I have never used my blog as a platform to ask for something from my readers, until now.   I am asking for your generosity and support for Lilah’s team.  You all know the impact that DI has had on our family over the past two months from the posts I wrote about marathon meeting day the creation of the bags to sell, the movie screening event, to winning the State Tournament.  DI has fueled new interests, provided a platform for existing talents, developed new friendships, and introduced my children to real life applications for skills that will be vital in the world they are growing up in. Once you win the State Tournament you are given a packet of information for the Global Tournament which is attended by 20,000 people, and literally takes over the city of Knoxville, Tennessee for one week.  Just the registration fee for our team (team members and family members) is $5,000.  This does not include travel expenses, food and lodging.  It does not include the Connecticut Tee Shirts for t…

What DI Means To Me

What Destination Imagination Means to Me by Lilah, age 9 I get to see my friends almost every day which is really cool because fortunately, I have really great friends on a really great team.  During our meetings we usually have one or two breaks so we can play together or fool around.  Some of our meetings are up to ten hours, so it’s fun to be around your team for that long. I think DI would not be as much fun if it weren’t competitive.  I think competing against other teams is great because it gives you the opportunity to try your hardest and it is exciting if you win. I absolutely love instant challenges.  An instant challenge is where you are given objects and you have to follow the instructions and you have to do what it says in a certain amount of time.  My first ever instant challenge was that we had to lift an egg from the floor up to the table without touching it or breaking it, in a certain amount of time.  The materials we had were 3 drinking straws, a rubber band, a clothes …

Return to Normalcy?

Hours just fly by.  I am trying to get back a sense of normalcy in my home but it is eluding me.  Life happens outside of DI but that is where 90% of my time and energy is focused right now.  Everything else is pushed to the side.  I throw in a load of laundry and work on a fundraising letter.  I prepare for a trip to the DMV while trying to get the news of the team’s win into the newspaper.  On top of all this, we had the displeasure of discovering termites in our basement and the treatment will occur on Thursday!  Oh....and that other issue called homeschooling. Yes, we are doing that too. Yesterday the girls got back on track with their math lessons and I asked each to write in their journals about what DI means to them.  I want them to write while the feelings of joy, pride and elation are still swirling around inside of them.  They have not yet come down from Saturday’s win and with the talk of sharing a block of rooms at a hotel with a pool and the fact that this will be a vacati…

First Place is Awarded To....

Saturday tears of joy streamed down my face.  Tears of pride and overwhelming joy.  Not only for my two daughters, but for the amazingly talented, bright, kind, and caring children they call not only teammates, but also friends.  Saturday these children did something that they will look back on for the rest of their lives.  They each won their challenge in their age category.   Lilah’s team was told for some time that there was no one else in their category to compete against and they would move on to the next round of competition, The Global Finals, by “default”.  That did not sit well with Lilah, who does not believe that children should get trophies or medals just for showing up.  She believes in earning your right to be called a winner.  They were grateful that another team was not only in their category but also their age group.   When the Crazed Carrots’ name was called as the first place winners they proudly took their place at the podium and knew in their hearts they did the bes…

What Grace has been up to....

DI is coming to its thrilling finale.  After weeks, months really, of dedication to the process of completing a detailed, multi-step, layered project, the children are finished.  They have spent countless (literally, I lost count.) hours on their projects.  100 hours each would not be an exaggeration.    So much of my writing has been focused on Lilah’s team simply because I have been present for most of their practices.  I have had the privilege of watching this project develop from the initial stage of choosing the challenge, to the massive efforts to hold the movie screening and then taking their experience and translating it into a theatrical performance that clearly demonstrates what their team did, how they did it and what they learned from it.     Grace’s team operated in secret.  I dropped her off at practice and hours later I would return and pick her up. The massive sets, props and costumes were tucked away in the basement workshop or the garage.  I knew the story line of thei…

Winter session of Co-op

Today ended our first co-op session at our new temporary location.  Our old location was like having a cup of tea with an old friend.  It was calming and comfortable.  It was the perfect space to spend the fall.  Since this year was our first experience with co-op, my girls were saddened by the news that we were leaving, but not devastated.  
Our new space is in a downtown location where the kids have access to art rooms and the mom’s have access to coffee shops!  While it may not be cozy, this space definitely inspires creativity.   I am thankful that we have extended co-op another 6 weeks at this location.  I will be teaching two sessions of art journaling (age 8-10 and ages 11+).   I expect my girls will have a hard time choosing classes again.
Lilah sanding her toolboox in woodworking class. 

"I learned how to use tools such as the sander, chisel, three different saws, a screwdriver, drill and a protractor for measuring right angles."  ~ Lilah

Grace wet felting a weather scen…

Destination Insanity!

You might be wondering why a week has passed with no blog update.  This is why.  This was my schedule last week: Lilah’s DI team practice: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday. Grace’s DI team practice: Thursday, Saturday Co-op: Wednesday. This week my schedule will be: Lilah’s DI team practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, possibly Friday Grace’s DI team practice: Thursday, Friday. Co-op:  Wednesday. DI State Tournament: Saturday, March 24!!!!!!!!! There is not much for me to update.  There has been painting, gluing, cutting, and assembling.  There has been mending, enhancing and brainstorming.  There have been task lists, schedules and assignments.  There have been early mornings and late nights.   This week will focus on rehearsing.  Over and over and over until it is as perfect as possible.  No matter the outcome Saturday,  these two girls have gained something invaluable from this experience.  They will carry it with them always.  I have never been more proud.

Piano Recital

Grace is blessed to have a piano teacher that she loves.   Miss Jenny has been a part of our family for years now, ever since Lilah announced in the back seat of the car on the way home from preschool that she was not anything like Grace (who at the time was skating several days a week) and she wanted to play piano.  Miss Jenny was patient and kind, for Lilah was a very shy, introverted toddler.  Music flourished in my home as Lilah’s little hands played the C song, then the D song, and so on and so on until she knew all the notes.
At the time, Grace’s passion was skating and much of my time and budget for lessons went towards her coach’s fees and ice time.  She could not take piano lessons.  Hardly discouranged, Grace would sit on the couch during Lilah’s lessons and watch her sister intently, memorizing the lesson so she could go home and duplicate it on her own.  Little did I know then that Grace would leave the sport of skating, immediately ask for piano lessons, and begin a whole …

Be The Change You Wish To See

Years and years ago, I happened to watch an episode of Oprah that has lived inside me ever since.  She said she did not believe in luck.  Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Will Lilah’s DI team be lucky at the State Tournament in two weeks?  No, they won't be lucky.  Luck and DI are not compatible.  This team of six children are prepared.  I cannot wait to see what opportunities lie in store for them.

Last night my child was a part of something that touched the hearts of many people.  Her team flawlessly executed a documentary movie screening of Sharkwater in the hopes of raising money for the protection of threatened animals.  They sold handmade canvas bags, painting, and clay figurines as well as organic fruit.  They showed a sideshow of how this project was planned from the beginning stages to the setting up of the auditorium.  They displayed a board of why this movie should matter to the viewers and they distributed brochures explaining why their team chose this project…

Walk Through

*collages made with iPhone $.99 app Fuzel.

DI Down to the Wire

DI Practices are much like business meetings around the conference table.  There is the agenda.


Division of responsibilities.



This weekend Lilah and I were driving Grace to her practice and she told me how much she loves DI.  When I asked her why, she replied that it gives her responsibility.  When I asked how, she explained that there is so much that has to be done for this project that they have to split it up and each person has homework and the homework is really important.