Sunday, March 18, 2012

Destination Insanity!

You might be wondering why a week has passed with no blog update.  This is why.  This was my schedule last week:
Lilah’s DI team practice: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday.
Grace’s DI team practice: Thursday, Saturday
Co-op: Wednesday.
This week my schedule will be:
Lilah’s DI team practice: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, possibly Friday
Grace’s DI team practice: Thursday, Friday.
Co-op:  Wednesday.
DI State Tournament: Saturday, March 24!!!!!!!!!
There is not much for me to update.  There has been painting, gluing, cutting, and assembling.  There has been mending, enhancing and brainstorming.  There have been task lists, schedules and assignments.  There have been early mornings and late nights.  
This week will focus on rehearsing.  Over and over and over until it is as perfect as possible.  No matter the outcome Saturday,  these two girls have gained something invaluable from this experience.  They will carry it with them always.  I have never been more proud.

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