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Roadschooling: The Results are In!

After several days of adventure after adventure the true reason why we traveled so many hours was upon us...competition day!  Nerves were running high and time was tight but what is a better stress release than decorating a car?  Grace was off on her own, having spent two nights at the Hampton Inn sleeping in a suite with her team.  I could do a whole post (and probably will!) counting the ways Grace grew from this trip...

This moment of artistic expression was for Lilah’s team, the Crazed Carrots.  My car was transformed into a moving expression of team loyalty.  It was unique, colorful, creative and almost permanent! I loved driving it.  As we drove home along I81 through Virginia and Pennsylvania, we were the recipients of numerous waves, beeps, and smiles.  Now that we are home, and have been for four days, we are still attempting to remove the paint!  I truly hope the children had the time of their lives because we will never ever do this again! After departing the hotel, we caravan…

Roadschooling: Pin Trading

Pin trading.  Those two words are enough to make either of my children obey my every command.  I wish the power of pin trading held for more than five days.  Imagine.  “Girls, please have your math complete and you may pin trade.”  Done.  “Girls, please clean your rooms, wash the car, clean the attic and take out the trash and then you may pin trade.” Done.  The power of the pin trade.

I was not really prepared for this.  They are just pins right?  Wrong.  These are currency.  They are traded at a frenetic speed with passion and at times obsession. Each state or country brings an affiliate pin that represents the culture of their state.  Grace got an amazing pin from Kansas of a tornado.  Lilah’s favorites were Maryland’s crabs.  Some teams also take the liberty of designing and producing their own pins and if they plan right, they become hot commodities.  The popular ones this year were the Hunger Games and Avengers pins.

Training must be done in order to successfully navigate your way…

Roadschooling: Duct Tape Ball

3M sponsors the Duct Tape Ball at the DI Global Finals.  The team took their inspiration from the movie Guardians of Ga’hoole and decided to transform into duct tape owls!  Their costumes were designed by Steph, their Team Manager, but Lilah did 99% of the work herself.  Her wings took about 6 hours to create.   

Grace’s team went with a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland theme.  

As I was sitting in the stands watching the scene at the auditorium below, I was reflecting on how this experience provided my girls with opportunities that would be hard to recreate as homeschoolers... going to a dance.  This is the epitome of a school dance!  DJ, entertainers, lasers, hundreds of children dressed up, and the freedom to venture out and spread their wings.

Roadschooling: Opening Ceremonies!

Opening ceremonies is like participating in the Olympics, each state represented, wearing their team shirt, carrying a flag, parading into a large auditorium.  18,000 people yelling, cheering, waving is quite a site to see.  Our teams are unique in that parents attend.  Most of these teams travel with chaperones, the team manager and co-manager.   DI streams the ceremonies live on their website so family and friends at home can glimpse their child, or at least their child’s team.  
For a few seconds Greg and I were able to feel what it was like for the team members as we were misdirected onto the floor rather than up the stairs to our designated section!  It was truly awesome.  My children will carry this moment with them forever. 

This was a moment to celebrate a year of accomplishments and achievements with a peer group that spans the globe.  Turkey, South Korea, China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia are just some of the 13 countries that sent teams to Knoxville.  Like the Olymp…

Roadschooling: One for the bucket list!

I am 40 years old. I know what is out of my comfort zone (water skiing) and what is out of the question (zip lining).  Zip lining is something that I have absolutely no interest in doing.  Ever.  The rest of my family feels differently and they had the opportunity to cross this off their bucket list.  It was all I could do to stand at the top of the tower knowing that the three people that have my heart were about to leap supported only by a harness attached to a cable that spanned the treetops.  I am glad I was able to see my children work through something difficult.  They were scared, but not scared enough to prevent them from achieving a goal.  They could not understand why I choose to sit in the lodge with a soy latte and a good book.  I had to explain that at this stage in my life my goals are very different than theirs.  I wished them well, wished them safety, wished them exhilaration, and silently I prayed that God would hold them in the palm of his hand.