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Lake Compounce

While I was off at my brother’s NYPD graduation ceremony Thursday, Greg took the girls on an adventure.  It has been a long time since they have had a Daddy and Me day.  

This was the best kind of day to do sans Mama.  I am not a fan of amusement parks. They were delighted to not have me following behind commenting on the safety records of amusement parks, the amount of trans fat in the chicken nuggets they ate for lunch, the evils of free soda stations located throughout the park (thankfully they also provided free water), and the need for constant sunscreen application!  I such the joy out of a trip like this!  I admit it.  But not Greg....he lives for days like this with his girls.  He is a very cool Dad.  He always has been.  He always will be.  

So much fun was had that they decided to make June 28th an official "Dad Day" Holiday.  Greg will take the day off from work and he and the girls will have an annual adventure of epic proportions.  


This week tears were shed.  Tears of joy and tears of sadness.   The result is the week has gone by with a flurry of activity and I am not sure how to tell the story of this week since the events that took place are not my stories, but only ones in which I am a character. My church community is grieving for the loss of two of its parishioners.  Two lives cut way too short from cancer.  One, a 19 year old boy who left behind his parents, grandparents, friends and three siblings.  His mother was Grace’s 2nd grade Religious Ed teacher and he was her helper.  There is a mother, a parent of one of my Religious Ed students, who battled fiercely to beat her disease, succumbed to it this week.  I bought her son a medal of Mary and reminded him how I would say over and over again in class that Mary brings me peace in times of hardship.  I wanted him to have her close to his heart as a reminder that a mother’s love never fades.  Love is eternal.  I pray for this child daily; several times a day,…

Summer = Beach

New England summers are fleeting.  You have to grab hold tight and not let go until the cool breezes of fall chase away the remaining remnants of summer’s glory.  For us, summer means the beach.  

Once a week we gather late in the afternoon when the sun’s rays are not so hot, and play until our way is paved by the moon’s pale glow.  

This is a time of magic and wonder.  Dinner is picnic style with a few grains of sand for added crunch.  The children are not the only ones who revere this time.  The moms commune and share tidbits about their life during the week.  

Every week for a few short hours, time slows to a crawl.  There is no need to speed it along, for in that time we find peace.

Block Island, RI

Traveling with the Frog Creek Clan showed us what joy there is in making memories that bind families together strengthening the bond of friendship.  Before that, Greg and I  never traveled before where the experience was shared with friends. 

Thursday we had the opportunity to share some time with friends on Block Island.  I love these 9.734 square miles of New England.  Greg and I have visited before for the magical wedding of my best friend fifteen years ago....but have not been back since.  

This trip had many firsts for our family.  First time on a ferry.  First time inviting a friend to come along.  First time sleeping on an island.  First time walking the beach at night.  With so many firsts, the over night trip felt much longer and for the first time in a long time I was able to relax, completely at peace with my surroundings.

How could one not be at peace here?  I have never swam in water so clear and blue north of the Caribbean.   The girls swam and surfed for hours.  Greg and I…

Art Journaling: Hold onto Dreams

Turning Passion into Action

I believe in signs.  The universe (or God to me) has a way of showing us what we are supposed to be doing.  We can be in tune with the energy and go with the flow or we can tune it out, ignore it, and forge ahead in the direction we are going, as wrong as it may  be.   Passion has been a buzz word in my home lately.  I have shared my belief that if we follow our passions and try to find a way to merge passion with livelihood, work is never “work”.  Sometimes adults get trapped in jobs or careers because they are lucrative.  They expend tremendous amounts of energy, time and resources in a career that allows us to live a certain lifestyle. But when our passions lie elsewhere, our job is just work.  How does a person, who may be the highest income earner in a family, walk away from that security and comfort to pursue a dream or a passion in a completely unrelated field?  It may not be possible. When I was younger, my passion was international relations.  Once upon a time I thought I would…