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The Cloisters

We are taking the month of August off from all formal lessons.  We have been working straight through and now it is time for rest.  Snap circuits and art journaling will carry on since we love them so, but math, history and science will all be on hiatus and will return again come September. We closed our history book on chapter 18:  The Age of the Crusades.   I thought the most perfect way to celebrate our learning of medieval history would be to visit The Cloisters in Manhattan.  The Cloisters is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art but not located in Midtown Manhattan, but rather just off the Hudson River in Fort Tryon, Manhattan.   “The Cloisters' collection comprises approximately three thousand works of art from medieval Europe, dating from about the ninth to the sixteenth century.”                                         ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art website Because we study world history using Story of the World, I knew this visit would come.  I waited until we learned about …

A Collaborative Approach to our Learning

Snap Circuits has become a favorite class for my girls, especially Grace.  Now that they each have their own Snap Circuit kit, they can build the projects without having to share parts or collaborate on one board.  They can each work at their own pace until they have achieved a level of understanding why their board works or does not work.  

I sat in on the lesson this week and I love Steph’s “teaching” style.  She is eloquent, passionate and extremely knowledgable.  Her analogies of electricity and water made perfect sense to my girls and helped explain why a circuit must be layered and why it must be complete.   There is something very interesting happening that is transforming our homeschooling experience.  We have created a collaborative model of homeschooling.  I teach art and writing, Steph teaches science, another Steph teaches problem solving, Cath teaches project management, if my girls participate in the Shakespeare play (fingers crossed) they will get literature and theater f…

Camping Part 2

I left a comment over at Cath's blog, Wholeschoolers, that the person I woke up as Tuesday morning  was not the same person who woke up Wednesday morning.  Our biggest wish is that our children grow and mature and explore new interests and develop passions but how often do we experience this as adults?  How often do we step outside our comfort zone and learn something new or overcome a fear, or both?  This is not always easy but sometimes hard can be fun.

Camping is something that think I will do again....willingly!  The last time the girls and I had a bonding experience like this was 18 months ago when we drove to Chicago.  And to think this adventure almost did not happen because I was afraid.  Afraid of my fears of mosquitoes, spiders and tics.  Afraid that I would not be able to feed my family.  Afraid that my girls would wake up in the middle of the night and want to go home.  Afraid that I had no supplies.  Just plain’ol afraid. Laughter chases away fear.

Joy chases away fear.


Camping Part 1

Have I mentioned that I have really wonderful friends?  I do and I am so grateful because it was not always this way for me.  I have gone through my life with one or at times two very good friends; the kind that are there for you no matter what, the kind that would jump on a plane and fly home to help you if you just said please, the kind that you imagine sharing Grandchildren stories with.   For the first time in my life I have more than one or two friends, I have many.  They are the most talented, intelligent, giving, caring, supporting friends a girl could ask for.   This week I had an adventure that never would have happened without some of these amazing women.  Months ago we planned a camping trip.  Four mothers, eight children, and a beach.  Perfect...right?  Not so much for me who has never camped a day in her life.  The thought of camping completely overwhelmed me.  I could not figure out what to bring for food.  I could not imagine borrowing all the supplies that I would need.…