Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dancing with Mercutio

More Shakespeare is happening ‘round here.  Saturday night found me and Mama K sipping wine out of jelly jars and spreading brie on a baguette while our little ones snacked while waiting for the show.
What show?

Why more Shakespeare of course!  Romeo and Juliet performed by Connecticut Free Shakespeare Theater Group.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself sitting on the banks of the river inhaling the briny air, listening to the finely delivered lines of this play that I have come to know and love.  
This play was not as fancy, not as produced, not as trendy and not as polished as the Hudson Valley Theater Group, but it had character.  During intermission the cast invited the children on stage to dance with Mercutio.  And dance they did.  Our kids are in that throng somewhere, dancing with Mercutio......

During the ride home the girls wondered why Paris did not die by Romeo’s hand at Juliet’s tomb like he was supposed to.  What?  I totally missed this very important detail!  It slipped right by me....perhaps it was the wine and brie....But my     oh-so-clever children did not miss it.  Oh no.  
They clearly got it. 

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