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Big Food

A nasty fall storm blew through Connecticut yesterday bringing high winds, inches of rain and a torcon level of 4 (low chance of tornado but strong wind gusts and hail possible)!  Since I live with a junior meteorologist, this was definitely “on her radar” and made us all a bit nervous.  I don’t like driving the Prius on I95 in high wind.  As a result, we postponed our trip to the Pequot Museum and met up with Kim for a trip to The Peabody Museum in New Haven.  

They are hosting an exhibit called Big Food.   I was excited to see it since it ties in beautifully to what we have been learning through our viewing of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Super Size Me, and our almost complete 8-hour audiobook, Don’t Eat This Book by the creator of Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock.  I guess you could summarize all this learning under the category of health, but I don’t label our learning.  This is our life.  We try to live it as well as we possibly can.

I was a bit suspicious when I walked in and read that the exhibit was being sponsored by an insurance company but overall I was quite impressed.  Every station in this exhibit covered something we either viewed or listened to, making it the perfect “field trip” to showcase our knowledge of the material.

Grace and I watched a 7 minute documentary about food options in New Haven which discussed food desserts, food swamps, and featured a magnet high school which operates an organic garden and encourages its students to interact with the community to educate others on healthy lifestyle habits.  She was intrigued and would like to find out more about this school.  Since I have only heard wonderful things about it, I told her we could investigate it further.

I learned a few things at this exhibit.  I am so thankful we break the rules by bringing our own popcorn to movies.......

I learned new tricks to help remember serving sizes.....

I remain steadfast in my quest to break our family's addiction to sugar.

After the exhibit we toured the museum.  We stopped to read about Connecticut’s F3 tornado in 1989, which was very apropos given the wind gusting outside.  Wandering our way through the museum, we ended up at the Egyptian Exhibit, which brought back fond memories for Lilah and I.  

One of the very first trips we took when Lilah had just come out of school and Grace was still attending public school for 4th grade was here to visit the Egyptian room.  We had just completed our study of Egyptian history in Story of the World and we were just becoming friends with Kim and our other good friend Amy.  I will never forget the moment when I told her I would take her to The Met in Manhattan and she smiled at me and told me that she was content here.  This was all the coolness she needed.  



While the storm gathered its strength outside, we were safe and cozy inside the strong Gothic arches of this museum with our good friends recognizing how much knowledge we have gained in the past three years.  

And that is all the coolness this Mama needs!


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