Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hurricane Sandy.  Now Winter Storm Athena.  Seriously?  I am not the type of person who loves extreme weather, especially snow.  I just hate the amount of work it brings.  Lugging out the snow gear only to find that they have outgrown most of it.  Shoveling, snow blowing.  The wet snow gear all over the floor forming little puddles of ice cold water that I inevitably step in soaking my favorite socks.  Cleaning off the cars, trying to find off street parking......listening to the dogs whine and cry, jealous because their girls are outside and they are not.  
The positives are that now the girls are old enough that they can take on some of the work for me.  They shoveled our next door neighbor’s walkway and sidewalk.  There are still large tree limbs down from Sandy that block some of the sidewalk.  That saved them some work!  They took our dog Jake out and let him get some of his crazy energy out slipping and sliding in the fresh white snow.  
They are also old enough now to go sledding by themselves! I cannot tell you how much this means to me.  When the girls were babies Grace would literally hang by the doorknob screaming “Out! Out! Out!”  while Lilah would sit on the floor with her toys, glance at her sister out of the corner of her eye, and calmly reply, “No.”  I was torn between keeping the two girls happy.  There were days when Lilah and I would pile into the car, drive three houses down our street to the sledding hill, park our car and read our books while Grace would snowboard.  After every fall she would give us the thumbs up sign to let us know she was okay. 
Thankfully Lilah now enjoys the snow almost as much as Grace.  I can peek out my kitchen window and see the tips of their helmet covered heads at the top of the hill.  I know all is well.  I go back to my dining room table and my cup of coffee that is by now lukewarm and enjoy my dog snuggled at my feet.  I relish this alone time for very soon, when the snow has leaked through the mittens, and their cheeks feel like frostbite has set in, they will be back, with their snow pants, and snow boots, dripping mittens, and runny noses..........


  1. Oh dear , I hope weather will turn normal again :) I am having some extreme winds in my area. It takes a lot of sad in my home =( So tired of cleaning it :/

    1. I ended up having a great morning! My girls have been outside all morning and I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning!

  2. It's pretty awesome! Enjoy it... I am!

  3. haha...your girls sound like mine. It took longer to get Piper dressed than she actually was outside. Last year I think the one snowstorm we got they both enjoyed it. Our power went out at 8:30 last night and didn't go back on until 10 this morning so we have just been cuddling inside enjoying the warmth--no one even asked to go out, I think they are just glad to be warm now!

  4. Wish Kei was there to play with them. I don't like cold. Well I do snow for about 5 minutes. I bet you are ready for some normal weather Jess!

  5. Oh, wow! You guys got hit, huh?? We're fortunate that Sandy only brought downpours and lots of rain...and a few hours of power outage. The snow came yesterday, but is mostly gone now. Winter is coming though!


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