Friday, February 15, 2013

Art Journaling: Valentine's Day 2013

We saw a page on Pinterest that looked beautiful and challenging.  The girls and I decided we would try a group page - sewing hearts onto our pages with embroidery floss in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  

Sewing through 140 lb paper is not an easy task.  There were many pierced fingertips and a few rumbles of frustration.  To their credit, the girls did not give up.  They used erasers as thimbles and helped one another unwind the floss.  They shared their fabric scraps and one girl’s idea of adding paint to the page became a spark and soon we had a true mixed media page with fiber, paper, paint and marker. Paper tape became the page border.

The finished pages may look simplistic through the camera lens, but they took about two hours to complete.  I wonder if any of the girls will go back once the paint is dry and add words to their page.  Words about love.  Words about holidays.  Words about Valentines and parties and candy and hearts.  Perhaps a poem?  Or lyrics to a song? 

Or perhaps the page will stand as is, a tribute to a holiday when 7 girls gathered together to share their love of art.  


  1. This is wonderful Jess. You do not know how much I love your entire blog but specifically the Art Journal pages.

    1. Thanks Karen. I really love spending time creating art. It is good for my soul.

  2. I love this...especially that the perseverance of the girls in creating such beautiful pages!

    1. Thanks Jenn! I was fearful that they would abandon the page and decide to do something else but every single one stuck with it (even our youngest member who is 8) and ironically she is the one who usually inspires the group to try something new.


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