Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Journaling: A Very Special Baby Card

I am the Godmother to my oldest nephew, my sister’s son.  I was honored to be asked 15 years ago and I have never taken this responsibility for granted.  I always assumed he would be my only godchild, and since I consider myself the pseudo-godmother to his younger brother as well (even though I am not..... ;-) I have always been very fulfilled in my roles as both Aunt and Godparent.  

I am both honored and touched to have been asked to be the Godmother of my cousin’s infant daughter.  This is a role Greg and I will share.  I wanted to make a card for my cousins and their two other children.  I wanted it to be special.  

I lost myself in this project.  It took about 4 hours and during that time I could not tell you what my own girls were doing.  Perhaps the melting glue fumes got to me but I figured if they were happy and at peace, so was I!  

This card was mailed in a bubble pack envelope and they should have received it yesterday!

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