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Peter and the Starcatcher

I am falling further and further behind in my blogging.  Now I understand why there are so few middle school/high school bloggers.....the parents simply don’t have time anymore to keep up with a blog!  I have been posting more of what we do on my Instagram account, so if you are looking for real time updates on what our homeschool days look like, check there first!

Like all weeks, last one was busy.  Our Wednesday field trip day involved another trip into New York and like the previous week, this one also involved a bit of drama.  Lilah was sick.  Normally I am not one to give over the counter medication but she really wanted to go to see Peter and The Star Catcher and I really wanted her to go, so I gave her a dose of Pediacare and off we went.

I have seen many Broadway and off-Broadway plays and musicals.  Some I have  loved, like Miss Saigon, some I thought were okay, like Phantom of the Opera and some I did not care for, like Sweet Charity.  Peter and the Star Catcher is my favorite.   Hands down, favorite.  It made me laugh until I cried and it made me tear up with heartfelt emotion as well.  The connection between the two lead characters was palpable and since this theater is so small, the audience is uniquely drawn into the performance.   

We had not read the book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pierson beforehand and the first scene was a bit hard to follow but we were captivated until the very last scene.  My only wish is that Greg were with us, but since this was a 2:00 show he could not escape from his office.  We were able to meet up with him and make the journey home together.  I do hope that one day we will see this again, the four of us......


  1. I know what you mean about time for blogging. I solve the dilemma by having a low-tech, less than perfect look - just what I can fit in in the time I can find. I'm so glad you make the effort to keep blogging. There aren't a lot of middle and high school blogs I can relate to and they are my main source of inspiration and support these days.

    1. Thanks Sandra. I know my writing is lacking in content and quality but my goal is just to get something posted so that I can keep up with our day to day learning. My goal is to have a book at the end of the year that shows my girls the things our family did in 2013. I fear that letting the blog lag is a bit like a snowball....I will just get more and more behind. So for now, this is a bit like a visual scrapbook and when I have more time I will do some more thoughtful posts! Thank you for reading!

  2. William just read those books- he would love to see a show, but we are a bit far away now. So special that you can catch a train into the city. Although I am not a city person I do love a good show once and again.

    1. The train in and out can be a bit draining but it is still better than driving. We went twice this month. We probably won't be back in the city now until the holidays.

  3. This is just so amazing to me. That you can just hop over the NYC and catch a show. :) Beautiful. You are so blessed! I post once a week, that is all I can manage. But I try to do a 'our week' so at least we have that. I always love your blog posts.

    1. The quality of my writing has definitely suffered but as least I am keeping up the best I can! I just did 4 posts this weekend. Now I have to find some time to stay home for an hour and give you a call! Home tomorrow afternoon???

    2. Yes!! I would love to talk. I am home all day after about 11:30 my time. :)

  4. You have so got to read the series. We read the Starcatcher series about 2-3 years ago and absolutely loved it. Such a unique twist on the Peter Pan story. We would have loved to see a play or musical about this series.

    1. When I am at the library this week I am going to look for the audiobook. I heard it has a wonderful narrator!

  5. Sounds wonderful! I would love to see it one day.
    I do enjoy following your city adventures too:)
    I understand what you mean about blogging too...I just keep getting further behind.
    I much prefer Instagram for keeping up.


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