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Science on Saturdays

The girls and their friends are participating in a series of classes offered by Yale University.  Saturday they attended a “Science on Saturdays” free family class, which just happened to be on Grace’s favorite topic: natural disasters.  Unfortunately her two favorite disasters are hurricanes and tornadoes.  This lecture focused on the geological disasters, earthquakes and the possible resulting tsunami, and volcanoes.  Not her favorites, but still fascinating.  

There were a few things that struck me about this visit.
#1 - homeschoolers are not immune from competition in academics, sports, music and social activities.  While I hear very little competitive talk among the children, there has been a lot of chatter lately among parents about whose child is involved in music or which sport they excel at or which curriculum their are using to help place into a top tiered college.  It is everywhere... I know.  I had just hoped that we would be a bit removed from it.  It is so phony and dull. 

#2 - My girls are becoming independent teenagers.  They did not need me to find the building where this class was held.  They registered themselves and found the lecture hall.  They participated in the scientific stations that were set up in the atrium and were enthusiastic about the uv light beads that they were given.  Grace is still wearing hers.  

I offered to take the girls to lunch before heading home.  Lilah was not with us and Grace wanted this opportunity to eat at Moe’s, since Lilah is not a fan of Mexican food.  I remember being 13 and 14 and not always wanting to be around my parents.  I offered to sit and read at a separate table so the girls could have time together but they almost seemed offended that I would not sit with them!  I was touched that despite growing up, they still wanted me with them.

It was a great Saturday.  There will be several more opportunities to spend time together in New Haven as the Girls in Science program begins soon and Yale Splash will be held this fall as well.


  1. After living through a series of large earthquakes (4 measuring magnitude 6 or above in a period of fifteeen months) plus all the aftershocks which are still being felt - although thankfully not as often - earthquakes are definitely not my favourite disaster either ;-) Mexican food on the other hand is something that does make my favourites list.

    1. We learned a great deal about earthquakes and the different kinds and how the different types of earthquakes result in varying degrees of damage. I cannot imaging what the experience of living through one is like. There are times I am grateful for living in the North East, where we have hurricanes and blizzards and an occasional tornado but overall we escape many of the natural disasters felt in other parts of our country.

  2. I am always so envious of the opportunities you and your girls have living near a big city. We also live near a big city probably the same distance away as you to New York but the big difference is the transportation system. Living where we do there is no subway, train, etc. that would allow to hop on to it and go to the city for the day. It requires jumping in the car and driving 1 - 2 hours in awful traffic. Therefore we only do this a few times a year. They did drive in yesterday for a big anime/manga convention and had a great time. Have a great weekend.

    1. If I had to drive into New York, I would go less frequently for sure. It is stressful and the traffic can be a nightmare. We live in our town because the train is just a few miles from our house. My husband relies on it to commute every day and every time we think of moving, the convenience of the train is one of the main reasons we stay.

  3. I'm with Diane, I just love all the opportunities you have. NYC and Yale!!! I mean how awesome is that? Keilee would love this so much.

    1. The Yale classes have been great. This weekend the girls are participating in a 4 class series : Girls in Science. I hope it has labs and cool experiments. Because Yale occupies so much space in New Haven and are the recipients of obscene amounts of tuition they do try to pass it on by offering quality programming for a very low fee. It just makes sense to take advantage of that!


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