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Last Day

Friday finally came and it was time to begin our trek north.  We were going to leave Saturday morning but that would involve a 3am wake up call and we just were not up for that.  So we decided we would explore a few more beaches between  St. Augustine and Jacksonville and then jump on I95 in Jacksonville and stay on that same road until we arrived home in Connecticut.
Have I mentioned we like to wander?
Ponte Vedra Beach

This beach reminded me so much of Greenwich, a town that really, really, really does not want visitors to visit their beaches. In fact, many Connecticut towns are like that although in comparison to Florida beaches they don’t have the beach-cred to be so pricey.  Our town charges $10 a day for parking and you can come and go as desired.  This past summer our town’s beaches were maintained far better than some of these other beaches profiled in this New York Times OpEd.  We are very fortunate to have a beach 3 miles from our house that is "reasonably" priced for …

Old St. Augustine

Old St. Augustine was similar in some ways to the Savannah in that they are both very old, historic cities, whose histories cross paths through settlement and development.  Both are cities with gorgeous historic downtowns that make the visitor forget that each is still a city with the challenges that cities face.  For example, driving into Savannah, we saw our first homeless tent city on a highway offramp.  Homelessness is much more visible in these cities than it is at home in Connecticut.  I have heard of places at home where homeless gather to receive food and services, but I have never seen a tent city.  
Our first evening in St. Augustine the girls and I were approached by a young girl, perhaps 16 or 17 years old, asking if she could have some of our ice cream, for she had no money for her own, and had been wanting some for a very long time.  I had already finished mine, so we scooped some of the girls ice cream into my empty cup and shared it with her.  At first I was confused.  …

Churches of St. Augustine

Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

Memorial Presbyterian Church