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When Greg and I were planning this vacation we thought we would spend all our time at Epcot.  We decided to get the park hopper pass when we realized how badly the girls would want to walk through the Magic Kingdom to see the castle up close.  Although we did visit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, it was Epcot was where we spent most of our time.  It is by far my favorite Disney Park.  There is so much to see and do here that we did not get to do even a fraction of it all.  We missed many shows and performances, and screwed up the FastPass so we were not able to do two of the rides that Grace was so eager to do.  The girls realized that three days for three parks was not going to allow us to do and see everything and they were truly appreciative of what we were able to do and see.

We did plan our visit during the same week as the Flower and Garden show which gave me all the color I was so desperately seeking. 

The girls participated in Kidcot located at each country within Epcot where they received a stamp, a hand drawn flag and their names written in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

We saw Elsa and Anna!  We did not spend over three hours in line to personally meet them, but there was a viewing area inside the shop which allowed us to get close enough to snap some photos.  Frozen has been a huge hit in our house.  They are each working on songs with their piano teacher and Grace is reading the original Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson and comparing and contrasting Frozen to it.  Frozen has inspired them unlike any movie in recent memory.

We had lovely dinners at The Coral Reef and at 9 Dragons in the China Pavilion.  When I was newly married, I left Greg for 10 days to travel to China as part of a martial arts cultural exchange program.  I studied karate with the Shaolin Monks, did Tai Chi on the streets of Shanghai at 5am, felt Chi for the first and only time in my life, and learned more about the meaning of true beauty.  Many of these pavilions seemed like cartoon caricatures of the countries (like Canada and the European nations).  In fact, as I was Instagramming with an acquaintance in Wales, she commented that it was not a realistic representation of her homeland.  However, I felt that China had many of the same elements I saw in Beijing and Shanghai.  One of the favorite things we saw was the Chinese Acrobatic Show, which I failed to get pictures of!

We wandered through the countries getting the remaining stamps and signatures from Japan and Morocco and ended just as people were gathering for the nightly fireworks display.  

I assured the girls it would not be like the nightly Main Street parade in Magic Kingdom where people were pushy and rude.  In Epcot everyone seems kinder and gentler.  We found a spot on the bridge and watched the display.  Then when it was over we calmly walked to our bus, along with thousands of other people who were also leaving the park.  It was a lovely evening stroll.  We made it on the first bus back to our hotel, Coronado Springs, to spend our last night at Disney.

The following morning we ate, went for a family swim and hit the road again, traveling an hour north to St. Augustine Beach.


  1. Your posts really have given me the desire to show Grace Epcot and (even though you didn't like it very much ) the Animal Kingdom. Our oldest child has been to Disney twice and Grace has never been. One day maybe.

  2. Epcot looks like an amazing experience. I wouldn't have stood in line for three hours either.

  3. You have such a special way of writing that it makes everyone want to experience what you just did.

  4. I'm eager to go to Epcot again! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Epcot looks amazing. Although Keilee is over my shoulder saying, "You know if we ever go we WILL stand in line 3 hours to meet Elsa and Anna" :)

  6. We went when the girls were eight and six and camped at the Disney's campground. It was one of our first major road trips with the girls and such a special time. Epcot was our family favorite too:) Love that you were there for all the beautiful flowers!


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