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Discovery Adventure Park

My girls had the opportunity to spend a day in the trees at the Discovery Adventure Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut with other homeschooled children.  Lilah passed because she, like her Mama, is not too fond of her feet leaving the ground.  Grace, on the other hand, prefers it this way!  

This was her second trip here and while I was nervous about the rain, it was actually a blessing.  The mosquitoes and pollen were kept at bay.  The fog and the mist transformed this city park into a lush forest complete with huge red tailed hawk just feet away monitoring the climbers.  

Hours passed in the blink of an eye.  Grace only paused for water breaks, saving her lunch for the car ride home.  She savored every moment of this time challenging herself to new heights and sharing the experience with kids she does not have the opportunity to see often.  

I love activities that challenge the mind and the body.  These kinds of activities bring a sense of peace to Grace and they are where she thrives.  I would love to return here at night, when the fairy lights that hang from tree to tree are lit and the forest would truly be magical.  


  1. I think it was the fog that made this look so magical when I saw them on IG. I know that Keilee would absolutely LOVE this. I don't think we have anything like this anywhere around. I would prefer to stay on the ground too! I am SO glad Grace got to do this and that she loved it so much!!

    1. I was surprised how hard it is. The kids were so quiet. You would expect a group of teens to be LOUD but they only talked to encourage each other or offer support. They were each lost inside themselves. It was beautiful to see. Perfect example of Childhood Unplugged.

  2. I'm with you and Lilah - feet firmly on the ground thank you! Mr 16 loves this sort of thing. Not sure Miss 13 has had the opportunity but with her sport she's used to being in the air a lot!

  3. We did this as an extended family last year in the Adirondacks. My sibs ad their kids. My husband and brother-in-law, who aren't too keen on heights, skipped it and went golfing. The rest of us had a blast. The kids were age 12-16 and all did a great job. There were 5 courses, and you could get down at the end of each one, but you couldn't get down in the middle of a course unless you called for help. After the third course, I took the opportunity to exit. I didn't want to be in the middle of a course and have to embarrass myself by calling for help. It was a lot of work! Definitely a good work out for your core! I was exhausted, but it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. I felt completely safe, no height issues. I looked forward to the zip lines and wish there had been more (you just get to relax and go for a ride). It was one of the highlights of our vacation.

    Good for Grace getting out there and trying it.



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