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Come On In Y'All

Sometimes things happen on road trips that change you just a little bit.  You see the goodness in people and it makes you want to be better, kinder, more willing to open your heart and your home to others.  When we were driving from AL to TN, we meandered through the back roads east of Huntsville to Grant, Alabama.  Our search for a meal led us to MiMi’s Cafe (not the chain).  We did not realize that on Tuesdays the restaurant is closed for packing the baked goods that are sold to local shops and restaurants.
Closed?  Well, that is just a technicality.  We were told to come on in and have a seat.  Really?  Greg and I looked at each other incredulously.  Really?  Who does that? When the owner said she will cook us what she has - pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced tomato and a few samples of different desserts, we said yes please!  The girls however were a bit leery.  They are not used to this type of openness, warmth and welcome.  Where we come from closed is closed, come again another time.  
We sat down in a room to ourselves and I discovered that I adore sweet tea.  Normally I am an unsweetened tea kind of gal, which I hope does not give some insight into who I am.....but I figured given this experience we were having, it was time to try real sweet tea.  Then the food came.  Plates piled with home cooked food.  When it was done, we were asked if we would like more!  Again, where we come from a second plate comes at a second cost and would never ever be offered gratis.  I told the girls to savor this moment.  It was special and one our family would talk about on trips to come.  This was the moment that so many others will be measured against.  Remember that little place in Alabama where we were welcomed in and treated like family?  Remember that time we talked about our dreams to own a pie shop and a book store where music is played and the baked goods are fresh?  Remember leaving there full and happy and completely at peace?  

I am sure that the owners of this cafe had no idea the impact they had on this family from Connecticut.  I am sure they have no idea that the meal they served my family will go down on record as one of the best meals we have ever had.  


  1. midwest can be like that too. i really miss that friendly aspect. i grew up with it, then i moved to MD and the area i was in didn't have it they were very focused on themselves, Another reason i want to move.

    1. I totally agree. We love Ohio and would move if Greg ever got transferred.

  2. Wow! What an blessing to have an experience like that! Oh, how I do so wish the Southern hospitality would come take hold up here!

    When people first meet me and find out I am a New Englander they are often shocked! "No, you cannot possibly be, you have to be from down South!" I often hear. Our friends from AL and LA have told me the same thing too. Perhaps one day I will head down there and see for myself!

    Me thinks that ya'll need to bring that Southern hospitality to CT! :)

    1. We live in a place where people don't say hello walking down the street so it is harder to open yourselves up to the point of sharing and caring about a stranger. Here you have to cultivate relationships. One of the things I like about where we live is that my girls have relationships with some of the shop owners on Main Street. They know we homeschool, they ask about our trips and what we are up to. It is not quite the same as what we feel in the south, but I'll take it.

  3. This makes me smile. It also makes me want to find Mimi's Cafe and tell her what an impact she had on your family. :)

    1. That is why I put most of this post on TripAdvisor so perhaps they will see it and know....

  4. What a great experience. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit to the South.

    1. We did Diane. Thank you. We always come home more relaxed, more focused and reminded of the things that matter.

  5. This is the best story ever and truly an example of "southern hospitality"...I love it! It's also what I love most about living in a small town- that feeling that those around you truly are friends and neighbors.

    I took my kiddos plus my niece and nephew to a nearby animal "safari" a couple of weeks ago. We drove about an hour, only to get there and find out that they only accept cash or check. The nearest ATM or bank was miles away, so the lady just handed me a self addressed envelope and said to send her a check after I got home:) Love that she trusted me to do it and didn't want my kiddos to be disappointed or have to wait any longer to see the animals.


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