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LCC has been around for 2 years.  Over the years the girls have baked for local organizations such as the VFW, the fire station, the police station, the senior center, and even baked pet treats which they hand delivered and fed to the residents of our town’s animal shelter.  
LCC was born from Lilah’s imagination inspired from a book with a similar title, Cupcake Club.  When she asked if she could begin her own cupcake club we found some friends that were willing and able to help her make this dream a reality.  These girls are truly special.  They do not see each other often because of distance and different activities and schedules, but when they are together it is magical.
LCC has given me wonderful memories.  Every time I watched the girls hold hands walking into places where they know no one and watched  them explain their mission and hand over baked goods that really truly were baked with love, I got teary.    Every time they played 20 Questions in the backseat of the car I would smile.  Every time they giggled over spilt milk or oohed and aahed over the perfect cupcake, I felt their joy.  
LCC is the perfect example of what can happen when you say yes to your child.  This project has given Lilah confidence, experience in public speaking, has caused her to meet new people, try new recipes, begin a blog, share herself with others, plan, coordinate, and form friendships.  This month’s meeting was a bittersweet one as one of the girls is moving to California very soon.  LCC will continue on, but it will never be quite the same.  

Thank you for the memories girls.  
You touched the lives of many people through your baking.


  1. I have always read your posts about LLC and loved it so much. When Keilee and her friends got together at Christmas and baked for the nursing home, LLC was what inspired her to do it. I know it will never be the exact same but it will still be beautiful and they will still do things that make SUCH a difference in people's lives. Go Lilah!!

    1. We are going to take the summer off and re-evaluate in the fall. She wants to keep it going. We need a third member. I am crossing my fingers that she develops a relationship with our neighbor's daughter with whom she has so much in common. The thing is they are both very introverted and until school gets out, time is very limited. Hopefully they click and she would be interested in joining.


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