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Our family has felt incomplete since Jake passed away in April.  It was so quick and unexpected that it left us shattered.  As we were moving through the process of grieving his loss and reflecting on his life, I realized what an important role he had in our family.  In many ways he was more than “just” a pet.  He was a best friend.  He was here 24/7, in a family that is together 24/7.  He was a reading buddy, a math partner, a music aficionado, a playmate, and a protector.  Those are some pretty big paws to fill.

This week we met Crosby, our 4 week old Goldendoodle.  Don’t let his coloring fool you, this little guy is a true Goldendoodle.  His mom is a Goldendoodle and his dad is a standard poodle making him a F1b generation dog.  He is part of a litter of 10 that was bred to produce a service dog for a friend of the breeder who is a Veteran suffering from PTSD and has mobility issues.  He will be joining us in four weeks and we just can’t wait!

Week of August 25th

This year I am going to go back to a weekly wrap up post to capture the little stuff that does not make it to Instagram, the fillers of our lives.   Monday was a day filled with Wonder: Lilah's 12th birthday.

Tuesday: Piano and Riding Day!  One of our favorite days of the week.  Lilah is not as much in love with riding as Grace but it is great exercise for both her body and her mind and I am glad she is sticking with it, even though I told her she has my blessing to stop. Grace on the other hand....

Tuesday also saw lots of reading by Lilah (new Minecraft book) and a new project.  This year we are going to be doing a little more work with history.  We have a formal history program that we wills start next week, but this is a quick fun little daily exercise to introduce the girls to people who have made a difference in the world in some way and whose names they should know.  Each day I pick a quote and write it on our dry erase board.  The girls copy it into their journal and add a per…


Lilah is an amazing party planner.  For reals.  She puts such care and effort into making sure her guests have more than just a good time.  She ensures that they will have an experience.  This amazing child planned her own birthday party that gave her friends an experience they should remember for a long time! I wish I had tallied the number of hours Lilah worked.  It is becoming apparent to me that she does not learn quite like other kids and the way her education is delivered is not quite the same as it is for her sister.  She excels at project based learning.  To plan her day she: Created the guest list
Created and sent the electronic invitation using Evite and managed the responses. (technology)
Used a traditional notebook and binder to make and manage lists. (life skills)
Wrote a scavenger hunt list.  Wrote the game card clues. Wrote the brain buster clues (clues to books) and wrote the store spy clues (reward cards).  (writing)

Designed the game cards.  Designed the spy and brain bust…

School Thoughts

I wrote this post for a very special someone a few months ago.  I never posted it.  While reading my journal, I realized this is a perfect not-back-to-school post and something I want to keep fresh in my mind as we approach our first year of homeschooling high school......
Sometimes I wonder what my girls think of all the “pomp and circumstance” that takes place this time of year.  We live in a part of the country that is saturated with private schools for all areas of education, from pre-K to elementary to elite boarding schools and private universities. This is the time of year that the students don their caps and gowns and speakers sing the praises of their accomplishments before sending them out into the world or onto their next phase in their continuing education.   I wonder how this feels for the child who either does not attend school or perhaps does, but hates every moment of it.  What if you know that your life is not defined by school, by grades, by academic accolades, by the …

Cape Cod 2014 Last Day

Last day meant more family, more seals, more beautiful scenery, more food, more fun.  We visited Scargo Pottery and fell a little bit in love with these castles.  I could totally envision one in my garden.....just sayin.  Even if we could justify the price tag, there was no way it would ever fit into our packed car.  Each trip we take in the Highlander leaves us in wonder of how we ever made it work in the Prius........

Cape Cod 2014 Day 5

Day 5:  Traffic to Provincetown was bumper to bumper for miles and miles so we detoured into our favorite town on the Cape, Wellfleet.  We visited a truly wonderful art fair, ate our favorite ice cream, and had our picture taken by a couple walking by.  We saw picture perfect clouds, interesting angels,  and more sculpture.  Hmm....I think sculpture could be a hot topic this year for us!  Our Cape stay was winding down at this point and I am so glad we fit this excursion into our week.

Cape Cod 2014 Day 4

We had perfect beach weather during our stay at the Cape.  Not too hot, never too cold.  The water was crystal clear and warm.  The smiles were huge and the laughter loud.  The colors magnificent and the air salty.  Just the way we like it.

Cape Cod 2014 Day 3

Cape Cod 2014 Day 2

Day 2: Back at Crosby Beach all morning.  My Vitamin D levels should be just fine!

This was followed by harbor seal observation at Chatham Fishing Piers.  As the numbers of Great White Sharks in the area continue to grow, so does the number of tourists who come to observe the seals.  When we were on the Cape, a family out in their small boat (in these waters) observed a 15' Great White trapped by the low tide.  It's a bit creepy wondering what is lurking under these boats.....

Our day ended at Chatham Lighthouse where we were lucky enough to find a space to park. I travel with binoculars in my car at all times.  They come in handy!  We spotted a dozen seals hanging out at Lighthouse Beach.  No large fin sightings however!

Cape Cod 2014 Day 1

Day One:  A visit to Great Cape Herbs.  It was the first of many visits during the week.  Greg and I stocked up on heart healthy tea and tea to help us sleep well.  Lilah found an amethyst crystal and Grace found organic hot chocolate mix.  

Crosby Beach in Brewster was simply idyllic.  The perfect beach for all ages, which in our group ranged from almost 4 to almost 17!  

Unschool High School

Here is one example of how we plan to homeschool middle school and high school.  A few months ago I saw a class I thought the girls might be interested in at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven.  It was Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making for kids in grades 8+.  Grace was interested and signed up along with two of her friends.  This class was an intensive class, meeting for 5 days from 1:30 to 5:00.  This is a 17.5 hour class, which I rounded up to 18 hours.    Some homeschoolers count travel time.  Generally I do not.  I use the car time to pad our book list with all the audiobooks we listen to in our travels.  I am careful not to double dip on our time.  That would not be fair.  
Here are the requirements for Danbury, not the town I live in.  I use this simply because they summarized the information in a very succinct way.  Google graduation requirements and see how many convoluted explanations you receive.  I spent 15 minutes totaling up the credit hours on the State of Connecticut’s p…