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Lilah is an amazing party planner.  For reals.  She puts such care and effort into making sure her guests have more than just a good time.  She ensures that they will have an experience.  This amazing child planned her own birthday party that gave her friends an experience they should remember for a long time!
I wish I had tallied the number of hours Lilah worked.  It is becoming apparent to me that she does not learn quite like other kids and the way her education is delivered is not quite the same as it is for her sister.  She excels at project based learning.  To plan her day she:
Created the guest list
Created and sent the electronic invitation using Evite and managed the responses. (technology)
Used a traditional notebook and binder to make and manage lists. (life skills)
Wrote a scavenger hunt list.  Wrote the game card clues. Wrote the brain buster clues (clues to books) and wrote the store spy clues (reward cards).  (writing)

Designed the game cards.  Designed the spy and brain buster cards using Henri Bendel playing cards, the computer, washi tape, packing tape, stickers. (art)

Determined the number of prizes needed and worked
within a $10 budget at Claire’s Outlet. (math/finance)
On the day of her party everything was packed and organized and ready to be brought to the mall.  All I had to do was drive her and her friends.  

And step back and let them have at it.

Her friends ranged in age from 10 to almost 14.  They all got along.

A partnership between a shy girl and a very outgoing one worked beautifully. (random pairing)
The youngest was paired with the oldest. (again random pairing)
The mall was not too crowded, but crowded enough that they could complete their tasks yet have the freedom to explore within a range.  

This party caused some girls (like Grace) to step WAY out of their comfort zone in the name of fun and do things they NEVER would dream of doing.  
They asked for a received free samples of frozen yogurt.
A stranger cut an extra button off the inside of his shirt for one team.
A kind sales clerk printed $10 receipts and then voided the fake transaction just so they could get an item they needed.
They went store to store to store, asking for letterhead and sadly, explaining to the employees what letter head is since 99% of those asked did not know.  

We were at the mall for four hours!  At one point Lilah snuggled up against me and told me that her mall party was exactly like she planned it in her mind.

The best part of this whole day?  This idea came from a book, her favorite book of the summer and one of her favorite reads of all time: Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.  She said I made an excellent Mr. Lemoncello.  I am honored. 


  1. Looks like a fabulous way to celebrate turning twelve! And goodness, seeing them at the Connecticut Post Mall just brought back all sorts of memories from my growing up days!

    Happy birthday, Lilah! May the next year be your best yet! xo

  2. I LOVE this. She reminds me so much of Keilee as we have said so many times. I love all the thought she put into her planning. And what an amazing day. One she and her guests will never forget!! Happy Birthday sweet Lilah. I am glad your day was wonderful.

  3. I loved following along on Instagram. Great party idea and planned perfectly. She did a great job.

  4. What an amazing party. She has a unique gift of such creativity in everything she does.

    William loved that book so we all listened to it together and it is awesome!

  5. Happy birthday to Lilah. What a great looking party she organised. I love how she was focused on making sure all her friends had a good time. I hadn't realised Westfield had malls in America - they operate several of our local malls. It was strange seeing something that looked like 'home" but was really so far away.


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