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Week of August 25th

This year I am going to go back to a weekly wrap up post to capture the little stuff that does not make it to Instagram, the fillers of our lives.  
Monday was a day filled with Wonder: Lilah's 12th birthday.

Tuesday: Piano and Riding Day!  One of our favorite days of the week.  Lilah is not as much in love with riding as Grace but it is great exercise for both her body and her mind and I am glad she is sticking with it, even though I told her she has my blessing to stop.
Grace on the other hand....

Tuesday also saw lots of reading by Lilah (new Minecraft book) and a new project.  This year we are going to be doing a little more work with history.  We have a formal history program that we wills start next week, but this is a quick fun little daily exercise to introduce the girls to people who have made a difference in the world in some way and whose names they should know.  Each day I pick a quote and write it on our dry erase board.  The girls copy it into their journal and add a personal reflection of what the quote means to them.  The author of the quote is then added to their Book of Centuries.  I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, 71 Toes.

Wednesday:  The leaves are beginning to turn and our neighborhood friends start school this week.  Fall is almost here but for now we are holding on to every bit of summer while we can.

Wednesday also gifted us with a surprise visitor.

Lilah gifted me with a lovely watermelon smoothie.  See that cup cozy?  She made it for me.

Thursday:  Not-Back-To-School Day 2014.  There will be a whole post about this amazing day.  We picked this little guy out.  Crosby will be joining our family in a month when he is ready to leave his puppy pack.

Since we were in the area, we ventured to Mystic Seaport.

Friday was our first official day, but this year things are going to look quite different than they did last year.  Grace is working at the kennel and during her hours at work, I am able to have quality time with Lilah. It will be a rare thing to see the three of us working at the same time now.  Grace will have to work over the weekend to catch up.   

Lilah spent an hour on science (Science Shepherd), put her new quote into her journal and Book of Centuries, and began a game of Scrabble with me.  After picking Grace up from work, we met my Mom, who was off from work and my nephew for lunch.  There was some shopping to get Grace her riding jacket for her first walk/trot competition.  Our week ended with two episodes of TLC's Next Great Baker, our new favorite show.


  1. Sounds like a perfect week to me!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great week. Thanks for the link to 71Toes, I will definitely start reading this one. Have a great holiday weekend.

    1. I love her blog. They don't homeschool but I just love how intention her parenting in and how involved her kids are in their faith and their community. They just left for a 6 month trip to China and I'm not sure how much blogging she will be able to do but definitely read back through her old posts!

  3. Crosby looks adorable. Love the moment you captured between Grace and the horse.

  4. I'm loving that you will do a weekly wrap-up -- I gain so much inspiration from you, so I'll be reading!


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