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Weekly Wrap Up: September 8th - How we are learning

Hours were spent making a fabric covered bulletin board.

Five years into this I now that if I push books and workbooks and rote memorization, the girls may do it for me, but it would be for me, not for them.  They need to strike a balance between what I need and what they need.  They gravitate towards project based learning.  Lilah always has and as Grace ages, she too, is taking a liking to it.  

Knitting while the girls are in pottery class with friends.  

One of the first things that people say about homeschooling is how much time their kids have to pursue friendship and interests and I have even said that once or twice when my kids were younger. Now that they are in middle school and high school, there is no surplus of extra time.  Our days are full.  Grace works two or three days a week and Lilah can fill two hours with crafting easily.  So we have to be intentional with our time. Which brings me back to the delicate dance of maintaining balance.  

Recommend this if you have the opportunity to see a screening.  

We do one main subject a week. Monday it was science.  We did a week’s worth of lessons in one day.  Tuesday we agreed that we would listen to history in the car on the way to and from riding lessons instead of our audiobook, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Wednesday we focus on writing and so on.  Math is done consistently.  We are doing math 3 or 4 days a week and it is going very well, or it will be once we get through double negatives.  Sometimes we work at night, like when we watched the first part of a social justice series (see below).  And sometimes we tie in what we do to the subject it fits best (the Two Coyotes movie event fit perfectly into our social justice elective). I don’t have many pictures of the work being accomplished so here is a little graphic of what we accomplished:
three lessons this week
completed week #3 and workbook (Earth Science - Meteorology) 
social justice (elective)
watched #1 of 6 parts: Seeking Social Justice by The Heritage Foundation, provided free of charge by Compass Classroom.

Attended the screening of Project Wild Thing hosted by Two Coyotes Wilderness School.  We agreed that social justice is identifying a need in a certain community and using your time and talents to affect a lasting change. This documentary was about affecting change in the lives of children and making nature as appealing as technology, thus increasing true happiness in his community.  
Grace worked on her dog project.  Lilah worked on her story from writing group.  Week #2 of writing group.  Completed a notebook page for Book of Centuries.
completed chapter 2.  We need to add additional chapters to our week given the length of our text.  My goal is 2 chapters a week, not one with a notebook page for each chapter.
Quote Project
On going.  One of my favorite projects of our new year.  Found a book my father gave me years and years ago:The Best of Success: A Treasury of Success Ideas compiled by Wynn Davis.  It is a treasure trove of wonderful quotations.  
Week #2 was interesting.  Lilah loves it and Grace is warming up to a full immersion class.  There is another homeschooled girl who is also in their pottery class and writing group.  They look forward to these opportunities to interact. They have already covered several chapters of their text and now need to incorporate daily practice time.
The girls are preparing for a field trip with their music teacher to the Steinway Studio where they will be allowed to play an excerpt of a piece on multiple pianos to learn to assess the sound quality.  The visit will end with the opportunity to play one piece on the 9’ Concert Grand.  They are beyond excited and both are working on polishing a piece to play.
Horseback Riding
Preparations are underway for Grace’s first horse show on the 21st. This week she had her first lesson as if she were in the show.  She will compete in beginners walk and trot. This upcoming week will have lots of activity with three riding lessons and time spent at the farm preparing the horses for competition.

Grace's favorite dogs from work.  She works on her project every day.  More to come on this!

Happy Birthday Mail from Keilee!

A massive 5 alarm factory fire near us.  Thankfully no lives were lost and given the scope of this fire, only a few houses were destroyed.  A horrible reminder on 9/11 how heroic first responders truly are.


  1. This was a wonderful post. I really enjoyed hearing about how you guys accomplish your schooling for the week. We do a very similar thing. I love all the pictures and isn't Kei great?

  2. We are both liking one day per subject too. It was just too much trying to do 2 or 3 subjects a day. Which sounds ridiculous since kids in ps do 6 or 7 a day. BUT our subjects do not last 40 minutes or less. We are able to really dig into them. Your week looks lovely and I am so glad the girls and Crosby got the mail. Wish we could celebrate in person!

  3. Great post! I will pray for Grace and her horse show! I love your pictures. Enjoy the day!

  4. I've never thought of trying one main subject per day. I'll have to see if either of my kids want to give it a go next year. Trying to find a balance between what I want and what they want is an ongoing issue. Sometime we hit the sweet spot but more often than not we are close but swinging to one side or the other!

  5. Great post! The thing is that there is so much learning that happens outside of academics that their chosen activities have just as much (for me sometimes more) impact and meaning. And it can all be rolled into the one label of education. Focusing on a few subjects per week makes total sense to me. At this time my girls decided they needed to structure their mornings a little better since our afternoons are filled with outside activities, volunteering, and work. Here too, math happens consistently about 3-4 days/week at the moment, reading happens daily, piano practice and Spanish at least 5 days. And to think this is totally self-directed by them!! Love, love, love it!!! Every day the girls carve out time to work on their projects too. At the moment that consists of DIY American Girl Doll furniture for my 10 year old and makeup design for my 14 year old.


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