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It feels Providential

Another intersection of life and learning happened at Bible Study.  Truth be told, I missed my weekly meeting at Community Bible Study last year.  I walked away from it for the right reasons, but I am still astonished at how much I learned, and how quickly I learned it.  

This year my girls are taking ASL offered at my church as part of our Diocesan’s Deaf Apostolate.  I know the teacher, who is Deaf, and I am thrilled at how the girls are moving towards becoming fluent in this beautiful language.  It just so happens that Bible Study is offered at the same time.

Unlike my previous experience where there was significant reading, answering question,s and participation was expected, this study is much more relaxed.  Father copies the readings and the Psalm for the upcoming mass and we dissect them for deeper understanding.  We read the Bible, put the readings into a larger context, and connect them to our lives.  It is a wonderful way to spend an hour.  

It seems as if I am meant to be in this group of people for a reason, I just don’t know why yet.

My first visit was two weeks ago.  The Priest at our church is new, not new to the clergy, just new to us.  He is full of energy and it is contagious.  He is not a very linear thinker and speaker.  He jumps around.  He is a vibrant storyteller.  He was telling a story and midway through he stopped and said, “this reminds me of the book by C.S. Lewis when the little girls is asking if the lion, Aslan will bite and she is told that after all he is a lion.”  This story was told as a metaphor for God in the Old Testament.  I got chills.  Actual real goosebumps.  We had just finished the book the day before my first Bible study class.  

My second class was last week.   Father was explaining that that the vertical part of the cross represents the relationship between the individual and God.  The horizontal beam represents “we” or “us” the community of worshipers.  He then referenced the Gospel according to Luke and how he is all about “social justice”.  I have not read the Gospel of Luke but you can be sure we will this week!  Father also went on to show the relationship of how we think leads to how we pray which leads to how we act which leads to how our society operates.  Are we divine in the name of the world or in the name of the Lord?   Then he displayed a half full water bottle.  He used it as a metaphor for a person who is only half full because certain relationships in their lives have been destroyed.  To fill the bottle (or the body) back up some people turn to drugs, bad relationships, etc, when they should be filling themselves up with the Lord.  No chills today.  No goosebumps.  I was close to tears though.  How does this happen?

After this class I waited to speak to our Priest.  I explained these two connections to our homeschool and our family.  I told him I saw it as a sign that this is exactly where I need to be.  He said it was not he who was responsible for this, but the Holy Spirit coming to me.  

Whenever I doubt or whenever something happens in our home that frustrates me or makes me question if we should be homeschooling or if school would/should be on the table, I have to reflect on this.  This is not coincidental.  It feels Providential.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! God is good and knows exactly what we need!


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