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Week of October 19 - 25, 2014

We love  I get many of my art journaling ideas here.

Lilah usually end up making her own creation anyway...

Working with one of our younger friends.  We are planning for an art journaling class to replace pottery when that class ends in two weeks.

Crosby's vet appointment.  He weighed in at 20lbs!

First trip to the beach.

Working on Ground Poles

Lots of puzzle making

ACCOMPLISHMENTS week of October 19-25
Grace: Lesson 23: Undoing in reverse order
Lesson 24: 
Lilah: Lesson 16: Division Basics
Daily review of multiplication with flash cards. Her speed and accuracy has greatly improved.

Incorporating A History of The World in 100 Objects into our study and changing the title of our course from Ancient History to The History of Humanity (1 credit) Read Preface and most of the Introduction.  Each girl chose a colored highlighter and when they find information interesting, we are highlighting it to be used in their notebooks as a double journal entry.

didn’t happen this week.  Next week my goal is to do two-three lessons.  
Language Arts
After reading chapters 12-14 we were intrigued by the Hindu religion and introduced to the Goddess Kali.  Before the story turned towards Hong Kong, I wanted to take the opportunity to explore Hinduism.  2 hours at the library and the girls each have a little project of the fundamentals of the Hindu Religion.                 

Lilah read Who Was Albert Einstein? for fun. She fell asleep reading it and woke up early to finish it.

Viewed two lessons of Compass Classroom’Word Up! The Vocab Show and did the Quizlet vocabulary flashcards.  Ordered the download on sale for $9.99 at the girls’ request.

Viewed Understanding World Religion: What is Hinduism?

“If there is a book you want to read but isn’t written yet, write it.” Shel Silverstein

Lilah has returned to her blog and has a goal to blog about her days as a homeschooled middle school student.
Began the glazing process.  
An hour lesson this week (Tuesday).  Both girls worked on cantering.
Both girls learned how to do ground poles and Grace will be competing in a ground pole event this weekend.   Grace had an extra lesson this week (Wednesday) to work on this skill.
Grace spent two hours at the farm Saturday preparing the horses for the show the following day.
Worked on politics and geography signs.  Spoke to instructors regarding private lessons during the 6 week hiatus.
Continued practicing recital pieces
Worked on an art journal page with a friend Wednesday morning for 2 hours.
Social Justice
We have completed the Seeking Social Justice Series.  I am seeking new components to this course.
Personal Finance
Did not happen.  This is not going to end up a credit for this year but perhaps will be over the course of the next 4 years.  The video series is too short to be a credit course but will be a great supplement to the full course offered by Dave Ramsey that we will use next year. 

 **Homeschoolers do not have to work with the same paradigm as traditionally schooled children.  I can keep track of hours in one subject over 4 years.  When I reach 120 hours that constitutes a credit whether it was all completed in their freshman year (as will be the case for her internship, math, history, science, freshman english) but not for art, social justice, finance.  This is why I am vigilant with documenting our work because Lilah’s work that is high school level will give her high school credit despite being in 7th grade this year.
Crosby had his 3 month vet appointment Monday.  Grace rescheduled her volunteering to be able to attend this appointment.  

Crosby did very well with his third training class.  He worked on sitting.   He turned 3 months old this week!  We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of his adult teeth.

Lilah began her most challenging crochet project, a doll.  She does not work with patterns yet somehow makes her vision come to life.

Lilah spent hours planning and preparing for her first Halloween Party!


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