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Weekly Wrap Up: November 9-15, 2014

We are rounding out our fall study of literature with Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  Aunt Kris will once again be reading along with us and we are excited to read this book during the holidays.  From movies to plays, there will be many extensions we can do with this book.

Lilah has always been a reader and this fall she read classics like Rabbit Hill and 100 Dresses on her own.  Grace used to find pleasure in reading, then lost that love for a long time.  I am glad I have been patient with her because I now find her reading every day.  She has her book for pleasure, her book club book and our literature selection.  It often comes down to the wire for her to finish the book club choice, but she always does.  

I count the hours spent listening to our audiobooks towards her language arts credit.  I do not for the books she reads independently.  Why?  Because listening to an audiobook is a shared learning experience.  We always listen together; Lilah, Grace and I.  We always pause, discuss, debate and resume listening.  Some books we love.  Some books we do not.  But we always remember them.  Because we share the experience, they become part of our daily life.  Passepartout is one of our all time favorites.  We joke that his loyalty is like a dog.  When we joke around, we pretend to be him.  Because of this, he is so much more real to us than if we each read the books silently in our own imagination, never discussing the subtleties of his actions, his motives and his character.  

Our reading, including book club and the choices the girls have made independently have been wonderful and our reading this fall has been a success.  I feel that great strides were made in both reading stamina and comprehension.  As we head into the next season of our year we are going to increase the difficulty of our book club books and  attempt to generate deeper conversations at our monthly meetings.


Lilah: Lesson 19 review of multi-digit multiplication
Grace: Associative property of multiplication.  
Week #10 Earth Science - Oceanology
Language Arts
We completed Around the World in 80 Days!  An 8 hour audiobook.  We have mixed feelings about watching the movie.  We have such a strong mental image of these characters that we feel there is the possibility to be very disappointed with the casting of actors....

The girls completed a 5 paragraph essay in which they chose a character and a specific character trait.  Grace: Passepartout: Quirky  Lilah: Fix: Devious.  They had to cite specific examples from the text that support these traits.  

Vocab: Word Up!  Episode#3 Greek & Latin words for Earth (Geo and Terra)

Our next piece of literature is Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and we will be reading A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote  

Writing Group: memoir

Private lessons began this week and will last for the next 6 weeks.  The girls meet every Tuesday for an hour with their teacher, the same woman who taught the class they just completed.  They will have a new book that is an increase in difficulty.  
Social Justice
Our family hosted dinner at the homeless shelter Saturday.  
BBC recording of Item#4: Swimming Reindeer
Double journal entry
Read aloud #5 Clovis Spear Point 
Double Journal Entry
This was a tough week.  Their trainer is insisting on attention to details so that they can learn to jump well, and safely.  No cutting corners, focus on finding their line, correct body position, etc.  They were a bit worn out this week!  
more of the same: recital practice.
Grace purchased The Piano Guys Christmas Book and she is working on this independently.
Dog Training
Crosby attended training class this week (last week was just for humans).  He has mastered sit and down and is working on holding his down for longer periods of time.  He had playtime off leash and was a super happy puppy.  His favorite dog to romp with was a 4 month old labradoodle.
Art Journaling
Pottery has ended.  We are waiting to pick up the fired pieces from the studio.  Since this time was already blocked off, we decided to fill it with art journaling!  We have missed working in our sketchbooks and it is nice to stay connected with our friends whom we will not see much now that pottery and sign language are over.  I am thinking of having the girls do some pieces on thin canvas boards so that I can hang them.  I need some new artwork on our walls....
Aunt Kris and her cousin just returned from a 10 day trip to Sicily.  Our cousin lives in Florida and since she had a 12 hour layover in Connecticut we were able to meet them for brunch Monday.  Grace shortened her volunteer time by an hour to make this possible.  

Crosby had his first grooming.

Cousins from Massachusetts visited Tuesday since they were off for Veteran’s Day.  We have not seen them in months and months so lessons were rearranged to allow time for a visit.  

Much needed haircuts on Wednesday.  Lots of damage to this hair happened this summer between chlorine and the beach.

Friday night at the trampoline jump zone with a bunch of other teens.    
A quote Grace really likes.

Taking a minute to admire our surroundings.

Can't wait to read this.

First private sign language lesson.





Art Journaling

Making algebra fun....sort of.


  1. What a great week Jess!! It always amazes me on weeks I think we don't do much how much we do get done! What great books you have read!! I can't wait to see what you think of A Christmas Memory. I am so bummed that it isn't on Netflix Streaming anymore. :/ Maybe they will put it back on.

  2. A Christmas Carol is one of our favourites. We read or watch it every year. I'll have to see if I can track down the Truman Capote story since we like to read new Christmas story as well as our old favourites.

  3. Looks like a very full and fantastic week. Love the art journals. I need to incorporate that into our week.


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