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Blizzard 2015

Mainstream media really should be ashamed of themselves.  We could not watch the news leading up to “Blizzard 2015”,  for we were bombarded with language that should only be reserved for the most deadliest of situations.  This was not a historical event.  A historical event was Katrina.  This was a snowstorm in New England.  Upstate New Yorkers must be laughing at us.  This storm had wind.  It had snow.  It was not historic, nor was it catastrophic.  However, it did prompt travel bans.  At the threat of mass transportation shutting down, husbands come home from work early!  

Family dinners are rare in our house.  The girls and I always eat together but Greg does not get home until just before 8pm so his dinner is reheated from a few hours earlier.  I roasted a chicken, mashed some potatoes and we all sat down to dinner together at 6pm and said a prayer of thanksgiving.  

Because Greg works such long hours, he is not actively involved in the learning that takes place in our house.  Befor…

Loved and Appreciated

For years, my Nana’s piano lived in our family room.  It is a beast of a piano, an Ivers & Pond manufactured in the early 1930s.  I will never forget the day my Dad, my brother and Greg moved it into our house.  It was all they could do to move it up the three steps of our front walkway.  We settled on the living room because it was just feet from the front door!  
This piano was lovingly played by my Nana for years and years.  I have memories of it, but sadly, not so many of her playing.  I even have a great picture of me with my brother, sister and my cousins all lined up on the bench banging away.  Over the years we have been known to say “if Nan could see this....” or “Nan would be so happy....” and I believe in my heart that my Nana can see her piano being played and that she is so happy up in heaven to see that this is her legacy for my children.  
It was not easy when the time came to consider a replacement piano.  We visited Steinway, not so much to purchase but to research …

The Magical and The Mundane

Diane at Cabin In The Woods wrote that blogging about high school is hard because “every day is like the day before”.  This is true for me in many ways.  There are only so many photos I can post of the girls in front of the computer plugging away at Teaching Textbooks, or curled up on the couch in front of the fire reading, or practicing piano.  Our days have a predictable routine and of course, there is room for deviation, but our days are not all that exciting.

Last night I posted a photo on IG of us in front of the fire ending our day.  In a few words I summarized what was our Monday: Lilah wrote down all the notes to her Muzio Clementi Sonatina, then read a short biography about his life, completed a notebook page for her Book of Centuries and practiced the sonatina after listening to it on YouTube.  Grace learned the back story to Hey Jude and Yesterday, watched The Beatles old footage on YouTube, figured out where the lyrics to Yesterday went on her sheet music, and dissected the…

Working on a Deadline

Working on a deadline is something that my girls have a bit different experience with than other kids their grade level.   They don’t have midterms, like most other kids have right now.  There are no tests to cram for and worry about.  Recently Grace asked me about testing and noticed how much anxiety it creates in her friends who attend school.  Part of me wondered if the process was somehow valuable?  Is the stress and anxiety, the worry and ultimately the outcome, whether it be positive or negative, a true life lesson?  Is she missing a developmental milestone by opting out of this experience?    These are the things I sometimes think about.

No.  They are not missing out by cramming and regurgitating.  They are not missing out on late nights worrying, stomach aches, and the anticipation of awaiting a grade.  They are not missing out on the elation of an A or the stomach dropping despair of a D or F.  That is not what their deadlines are about.
My girls still have the opportunity to e…

What Is Working

I thought it fitting to kick off 2015 with a  What I Know For Sure post.
I know for sure that when I work in my Bible, I am closer to God.  When I search #biblejournaling or #documentedfaith on Instagram I marvel at the works of art people have created out of scripture.  Reading my Bible is not the same as working IN my Bible.  I like to highlight the passages that speak to my soul.  When I was in my Catholic Bible Study class my Priest made a comment that making little notations in the Bible is okay.  My artwork is not little notations.  I asked an online friend about her feelings whether or not it is a sacrilege to mark up your Bible.  In other Christian denominations this is quite common but not so much in the Catholic  community.  My favorite quote is “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”  2015 is the year I learn more about where my Catholic faith originated.  This is the year I learn more about the Bible.  I am currently working in my weekly class a…